There is no punishment for the rules of the solid wood furniture industry is not "according to the chapter identification"

As long as there is a piece of solid wood on the furniture, the promoters dare to say that it is solid wood furniture, and again and again deceive consumers with the spirit of "ignorance and fearlessness". Last week, when interviewed by the furniture store, the reporter found that most of the promoters simply ignored the new version of the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" that had been implemented for half a year. It is hard to say that less than 10% of solid wood panel furniture and veneer furniture are made of wood. Furniture or solid wood furniture, also plausible words, "This is solid wood, not solid wood furniture, what do you say?" The new version of "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" was jointly issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the National Standardization Administration Committee, equivalent to the country of wood furniture. Standards are available at the National Furniture Standardization Center. The new standard stipulates that only furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood slabs with no surface treatment; or solid wood veneer veneer (wood veneer) veneer on such substrates Furniture can be called solid wood furniture. If this requirement is not met, even if the solid wood reaches 50% of the wood and wood combined furniture, it will only be classified into the ranks of comprehensive wood furniture. Moreover, the new standard also requires that the components marked in the inspection certificate be clearly stated. However, these are useless. Up to now, no brand has clearly defined standard substrates and auxiliary materials. In the furniture packaging that the reporter saw and sent to consumers, there is no clear description of the components in the inspection book. . In the case that the industry is generally not actively involved and there are no penalties, this standard is actually in a state of paralysis. It is estimated that there are no mandatory measures and no relief can be achieved. I remember that three months ago, the Guangzhou Consumer Council had contacted the larger stores in Guangzhou and wanted to establish a common code of conduct on the problems in the sale of furniture. However, after the letter was sent out, the feedback was very poor. Did not get together for a meeting. "Can't blame the store and the seller for not paying attention, but without the corresponding punishment measures, it is difficult to regulate." The person in charge of the Municipal Consumer Council sighed. In the chaos of the world. Throughout the ages, this unconventional behavior has been effective. It seems that to deal with the "chaotic market" of furniture, it is also necessary to raise a heavy punishment.

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