It is still difficult to find new furniture for the “old-for-new” furniture

A few days ago, the home of the family launched the "old-for-new" service in five shopping malls in Beijing. Consumers can not only enjoy 5% of new furniture discounts, but also find places to eliminate old furniture. The industry believes that although “old-for-new” is still difficult to implement, it has certain significance for stimulating market demand. Replacing the consumer demand with the old ones, many consumers who have undergone the second renovation have such troubles when buying new furniture: how to deal with the old furniture? According to Wang Jianguo, general manager of the Federal Furniture Beijing Company, many consumers have the need to update their furniture. However, if they have nowhere to put their old furniture, they will temporarily put aside or simply give up the intention to buy new furniture. As a value-added service, “trade-in” is simply a matter of pulling away old furniture from the customer's home, but solving the big problem for the consumer. The industry believes that furniture "old-for-new" has a great stimulating effect on the household consumption demand in the downturn. Wang Linpeng, the president of the Real Home, said that under the influence of real estate regulation and control, household demand has shrunk, and some merchants have chosen to fight the price war to share the remaining share in the market. And “old-for-new” allows consumers who are between buying and not buying to see the benefits, thus unleashing new consumer demand and tapping into elastic market increments. The implementation process is still difficult. Although the furniture “trade-in” is a win-win for consumers and enterprises, few companies try and practice. According to industry insiders, “old-for-new” is difficult in the specific implementation and operation process. Zhu Guangyu, director of Peking's furniture marketing, said that in addition to the high cost of recycling, transportation, handling and storage of recycled old furniture, how to dispose of the recycled old furniture is a problem. If the old furniture is deformed by moisture during the use and the degree of cracking is light, the company can repair and refurbish it. For private label furniture, companies still have countermeasures. If other brands of products are recycled, it is difficult to use them twice. Hu Lan, the general manager of Shangpin's home office in Beijing, believes that the added value of furniture design and service makes the evaluation of old furniture “old-for-new” lack of standards. Wang Linpeng said that the store will subsidize by sharing the rebates with the merchants. The number and category of old furniture correspond to new furniture one by one, avoiding the problem of price assessment. If the operation is good within one month, the furniture “trade-in” service will be available on a larger scale for a long time. ■ Where to go from the old furniture classification process It is reported that the home will establish a special warehouse in the North Fourth Ring timber market to store the recycled old furniture. The old furniture that has been recycled will also be divided into three grades: for the finest and better-performing furniture, it will be concentrated to open the second-hand furniture trading market; the furniture with less damage will be refurbished by reprocessing. And donate to the disaster area to support social welfare; old furniture that cannot be reused or seriously out of environmental protection will be treated as waste or transported to the garbage factory for centralized destruction. ■ Renewal Process 1 After the consumer signs the sales contract, fill out the “Renovation of the Furniture” application form; 2 When the consumer holds the sales contract and the “Application Form”, the cashier will stamp the “trade-in” on the contract and the documents. And enter the information into the system; 3 When the merchants send the new furniture to the home, the consumer fills in the “replacement of the furniture” and returns the old furniture to the merchant for recycling; 4 The merchants will transport the recycled old furniture to the designated home. The warehouse; 5 Consumers will receive the subsidy for the three-day, one-month payment of the old furniture to the actual home branch of the purchase of new furniture with valid ID documents and “Application Form” and “Recycling Form”.

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