Ren Zhiqiang: There will be no Ordos phenomenon in the …

"Ren Cannon" predicted the Guiyang property market. On November 23, at the “Trend Outlook” economic forum held in Guiyang, Ren Zhiqiang, chairman of Huayuan Real Estate, said that there would be no Ordos phenomenon in the Guiyang property market, and ther ----more

Custom cabinet custom cabinet basic process

How to customize the cabinet There are still some difficulties for people who are going to make renovations for the first time, which is mainly because they are not familiar with the method of customizing cabinets. So, let's share with you the process of custom cabinets. 1. Understand your ow ----more

How to decorate the attic ceiling design

The attic ceiling decoration is a special area in the building. In the top floor of the building, separated by a separate room, the top floor of the flat-top building is easy to have hidden dangers of leakage. The steeple roof on the top of the flat roof can effectively solve the rainy season roof ----more

The role of solid rivets

The role of solid rivets Solid rivets are parts that are riveted with their own deformation or interference links. The role of solid rivets A solid rivet is a part of a rivet that utilizes its own deformation or interference link. Solid rivets are generally made of aluminum, copper, iron, etc., ----more

Small apartment living room and study decoration render…

With the rise in housing prices, small-sized units are more popular with the general public, but for current office workers, they hope that their own study can be used for home office and learning. Therefore, the design of living room and study room is more popular with everyone. Today, let's ----more

US anti-dumping sunset review of diamond saw blades in …

Abstract On October 22, 2014, according to the judgment of the US International Trade Court, the anti-dumping sunset review investigation of the Chinese diamond saw blade by the US Department of Commerce in December 2013 did not meet the legal requirements. The starting time of this investiga ----more

Temperature uniformity control of ion nitriding furnace

At present, the uniform temperature of the furnace is an important problem in the ion nitriding equipment. The ion nitriding equipment used in production mainly has three types: bell-type, general-purpose and well-type, among which bell-type is the majority. Uniform temperature throughout the surfa ----more