Battery diaphragm parameter description

The main function of the battery separator is to separate the positive and negative plates in the battery to prevent direct contact between the positive and negative plates. At the same time, due to the large number of micropores in the diaphragm, the positive and negative ions in the battery can ----more

Confirm the anchor bolt position one by one according t…

Machine pump installation quality problem countermeasures machine pump installation once pass rate of 100%. The construction engineer shall formulate the pump installation plan, commissioning plan and lifting plan. The fitter technician and quality inspector performed technical and quality reports ----more

Research on Deformation Control of Wind Power Carburizi…

At present, the two-stage parallel shaft rotation structure of the first-class planet is the mainstream model of the megawatt wind power gearbox. In order to evenly distribute the load of the planetary gears, the wind turbine gearbox often adopts the sun gear floating mechanism; in order to increas ----more

The role of the spring support in the fairing

In order to simplify the "簸箕" angle box of the spring bracket of the fairing into a beam structure, the principle of simplification is as follows: (1) The size and distribution of the mass of the spring support near the half-cover circumferential direction will have a great ----more

Carefully pick LED lamps to keep "light pollution&…

"A girl over 4 years old was diagnosed as precocious puberty by a doctor because the melatonin secretion was insufficient in the body. The doctor suspected that the melatonin secretion was insufficient because the child was exposed to too much light and was pursued all the way. To the big ----more

Plastic bag degradation

In general, when testing the rate of degradation of waste, scientists use a method called "respiratory motion measurement." Garbage (such as newspapers or banana peels) is placed in a microbiologically rich container and then exposed to the air. Next, the microbes will absorb the sample a ----more

The specific structure of the mold has an inner profile…

For the fine punching of the inner and middle holes, if two pairs of molds are used to achieve the forming purpose, not only the technical requirements (such as coaxiality) cannot be guaranteed, but the efficiency is not very high, so it is necessary to use a pair of composite molds. These two pro ----more