What is polyester paint? What are the characteristics?

Daxin board, also known as blockboard, is to cut logs into strips, splicing into cores, and processing the outer surface material. It is an essential wood product for wall decoration, top decoration and fine wood decoration in home decoration. It is mainly used as the panel of furniture and the ke ----more

How to buy a staircase?

How to buy a staircase? First, the form and safety of stairs There are also certain relations between the form of stairs and safety, such as: single column spiral, large platform L-shape, and large arc type. The safety is better than a single column spiral. The main bone is the main body of the ----more

Misleading solid wood flooring common consumption

First, heavy price, light brand, light quality, light service; Second, overemphasizing the floor color and decoration Third, to style, choose long and wide single board; Fourth, the element board, do not paint board; Fifth, the pursuit of film hardness, not to mention the film toughness; Six, ----more