Remote pressure reducing valve YE-B8H-3-S-Jixie coal mi…

Remote pressure reducing valve YE-B8H-3-S-Jixie coal mining machine pressure reducing valve spot remote pressure reducing valve YE-B8H-3-S-Jixie coal mining machine pressure reducing valve stock, other Jixi coal mining parts have everything Zhengzhou Hongming Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. ----more

Domestic PV companies need to be cautiously optimistic …

On August 3rd, China and Europe signed a "price agreement" for photovoltaic products. Since August 6, most Chinese PV companies do not have to pay an anti-dumping tax of up to 47.6%, which is a condition for Chinese PV companies to retain certain foreign countries conditionally. The mar ----more

Wooden Door Market Trend Forecast in 2013

Recently, the trade-in has stirred the market, the e-commerce carnival is irritating, the original PK copycats have been plagiarized, the industrial loss has filled the industry, the crazy mahogany is unreadable, the zero formaldehyde has caused disputes, the original new national standard ----more

Farmers fight drugs to prevent pests and diseases

August and September are the concentrated periods of pests and diseases of crops such as cotton, rice and corn, and also a key period for the prevention and control of pests and diseases. In the field, some middle-aged and old-aged farmers will suffer economic losses due to im ----more

What kind of teaching material is good?

The teaching material (commonly known as milk substitute, artificial milk) is a kind of feed prepared to replace whole milk. Its main raw material is dairy by-product. The nutritional index of the formula is not less than 20% protein and not less than 6% fat. 23A China Feed Industry Information Net ----more

Carbendazim seed dressing to control a variety of disea…

Carbendazim can be widely used in agricultural production as a seed dressing, peanut seeds are no exception, and carbendazim treatment of peanut seeds can prevent a variety of diseases. China Pesticide Network Xiaobian for your careful explanation of the use of methods for you ----more

New progress made in the controllable preparation of po…

Polymerization of trace amounts of monomer solution through the generation and diffusion of catalysts between "sandwich" structures UV-induced surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization schematic The National Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication, Institute ----more