Feng Shui pattern of study design study

The study Feng Shui is a very mysterious home common sense. The Feng Shui arrangement of the study can reflect the personality and connotation of the owner. In fact, it is very knowledgeable. The walls and ceilings of the study should be elegant, bright and soft, such as light blue, light beig ----more

Kaifeng City fully promotes auto parts projects

Abstract The reporter learned from the Municipal Key Project Management Office yesterday that in the first half of the year, Xinwei Auto Parts Production Project completed an investment of 85.5 million yuan, accounting for 113.85% of the planned investment target for the whole year. It is rep ----more

Solid wood flooring no longer sings "squeaky"…

When decorating, we will always encounter a variety of big things, such as the toilet kitchen should not be paved with wooden floors, paved flooring, there may always be 1-2 pieces of mismatch or wrong color, floor paving After that, a certain position is always creaking. Today we will take a ----more

Kitchen decoration feng shui

The beauty and cleanliness of the kitchen is what every housewife wants, so from the perspective of Feng Shui knowledge, the kitchen decoration has something to pay attention to. Kitchen decoration Feng Shui knowledge Feng Shui knowledge 1, the kitchen should not be completely enclosed in th ----more

Comprehensive analysis of home decoration Feng Shui

Home Furnishing Feng Shui is like a complicated and huge machine. It can be controlled by interlocking and constantly changing. Some of the materials collected today are based on a simple and practical perspective, to give you an introduction to Feng Shui. Room Feng Shui: room orientation A ----more

Scientific and technological innovations insist on sust…

Abstract Zhuji Group is one of the 156 key projects constructed during the “First Five-Year Plan” period. It is made of cemented carbide and is the largest domestic hard alloy production and research institute integrating tungsten, molybdenum and rhenium smelting and deep processi ----more

Children's room feng shui has a mystery, don't …

The color inside the children's room also has a very important influence on the child's mentality. It is recommended that the color of the children's room should be light and elegant. It should not be too glaring red and purple, avoid irritating children, avoid black and pure white ----more