Nanchang builds 100 billion auto and parts industry

On the morning of September 5, Yu Xinrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went deep into the investigation of Jiangling. He inspected the progress of the 300,000 vehicle project of Jiangling Xiaolan Base, ----more

Photovoltaic bidding mechanism needs to be improved

China's 280MW photovoltaic concession bidding is about to settle, and the results are also expected. 0.7288 yuan / kWh is expected to become the lowest bid price for the on-grid tariffs of these 13 projects. Don't be excited about the PV on-grid price drop of 33% a year. Whether the PV po ----more

Planting tomato in autumn and winter, tomato drip ferti…

Drip-fed fertilization refers to an agricultural technology in which the fertilized liquid is injected into drip irrigation by means of a fertilizing device under the condition of pressurized water source, and the fertilizer liquid is evenly transported to the root zone of the crop through a drip ----more

Interpretation: The joy and worry of the development of…

Industrial cluster: refers to enterprises, specialized suppliers, service provider suppliers, financial institutions, manufacturers of related industries and other related institutions that have competition and cooperation in a specific region and are geographically concentrated and interactive. ----more

Cangzhou strongly promotes the construction of national…

Zhangzhou's good tungsten and rare earth resource advantages and development environment have attracted a large number of advantageous enterprises at home and abroad to settle down. In 2009, a large number of strategic investors such as China Minmetals Corporation, China Poly Group and China ----more

Shanxi will focus on promoting refractory projects and …

In early March, Shanxi Province compiled a key project promotion plan for the key industry adjustment and revitalization implementation plan. This plan includes a total of 1,100 key projects (excluding the previous projects), with a total investment of 223 billion yuan. After the completion of th ----more

Garden flower nursery with herbicide

When using herbicides, be aware that many herbicides should not be used in gardens, flower nurseries and lawns. 1. Post-emergence herbicides for controlling broadleaf weeds. 2 A 4 chlorine, 2,4-D, bentazon, herbaceous enemies, make it long, Hu Wei, Ke Qi Ling, Hao Shi Da, etc., can not be appl ----more