Discussion on Dataization of UG Body Standard Material …

Enter data according to the row and column fields. When finished, the query range is given by the diagonal of the data area. The above work is to complete the electronicization of the manual data, just like the establishment of a database of standard bearing sizes. Use the VLOOKUP statement to f ----more

Solexel Launches Thin Film Solar Module with 20.62% Eff…

Applied Nanotech Holdings (Applied Nanomaterials) announces the launch of a new world record Full-square solar cell wafer with a size of 156 x 156mm using low-cost ultra-thin-film silicon technology produced from trichlorosilane gas . The efficiency reached 2 ----more

Grouting pump 2ZBQ pneumatic injection pump ZBQ (2ZBQ) …

2ZBQ-type pneumatic injection pump can be blocked for a long time with no heat in the large water vapor safe use of occasions, the pump using the working medium (slurry, compressed air) transmission of pressure signals, composed of closed-loop automatic regulation performance, it is simple and saf ----more

Banking enterprises can achieve brilliant future

Recently, the Huzhou Banking and Enterprise Matchmaking Conference was held in Huzhou on the theme of “innovation, win-win development, and development” hosted by the Huzhou Municipal People’s Government, Huzhou City Economic and Information Commission, and the Huzhou Ci ----more

Solar charging curtains and UFO chandeliers

The wisdom of the designer is always endless, and often leads to creative electronic designs that make people wonder. If these things are not used, you may never be able to guess what it is and what it does. Just like you are now carrying a computer through ancient times. Solar ----more

Bathroom decoration should be cautious when purchasing …

The decoration of the living room is very important for the selection of sanitary products. The bathroom involves complex water circuit transformation. Although the area is not large, it cannot be neglected in the decoration. The choice of sanitary wares from the beginning of the measurement o ----more

Home decoration peak season comes up to 30%

Every gold nine silver and ten, the property market is more concentrated, becoming a good time for the construction industry to "suck gold." The reporter learned from the market that since the beginning of this month, the decoration market in our city has become very popular, and ----more