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The floor is the material used to decorate the floor when the home floor is decorated. With the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the home improvement is also to be perfect. Selecting a good brand of floor is not only a guarantee of quality, but also a kind of lifestyle. symbol of. As a well-known flooring brand, St. Vincent's floor has its quality directly proportional to its price. This is what our customers are concerned about. The iconic floor is based on the most advanced production line in the world. The production process is fine and the quality is relatively good. When you purchase floors, you often find advertisements for the iconic floor. However, you don't know the quality of the iconostasis floor or the degree of environmental protection. Then take everyone to learn more about how the iconostasis floor is. Quote situation. The consumption level of each place is different, so the icon floor quote is for your reference only.

How is the holy elephant floor?

The icon is the first brand to strengthen the floor, is a double exempt product! Mainly 8mm products. The three-story floor of Sanshu Kangshu is very good and worth recommending. St. John's laminate flooring and solid wood flooring are better, the difference is that the enhanced composite heat transfer faster, solid wood composite insulation effect is high, please buy as needed.

Before understanding the iconic floor quotes, how do we come to understand the iconic floor? St. John's Floor has a number of honors such as China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, National Exemption Inspection, and China Environmental Label Authentication. Now they have enhanced wooden floors, three solid wood floors, and multi-layer solid wood floors. The strength of this brand is still very large. Being able to overtake the flooring industry in China for so long, can go so far, there are such great achievements, and good quality is beyond doubt.

Before understanding the iconic floor quotes, how do we come to understand the iconic floor? St. John's floor has low formaldehyde emission and high health level. Speaking of formaldehyde, surely everyone knows more or less that it is a volatile substance that is harmful to the human body. The overall level of formaldehyde emission from St. Vincent's floor is good, and the environmental protection indicators are strictly controlled, all meeting the requirements of national standards.

Before understanding the iconic floor quotes, how do we come to understand the iconic floor? The surface of St. Vincent's floor has strong anti-pollution capability and is easy to clean and care for. Resistant to moisture and heat, not easily cracked, the elasticity rate is large. The quality and service of the St. Vincent's flooring are very good. Although the price is a bit expensive, it is still quite worthy. If you choose the floor, you are advised to choose a big brand. The brand effect is not groundless.


Sanxiang floor price

Before understanding the iconic floor quotes, let's first understand the cost of the next icon floor? The cost of St. Vincent's floor is relatively high, and the best thing to do is to strengthen the floor; in solid wood flooring, it is almost inferior to Yangzi. The quality of the iconic laminate flooring is very good, and the price can also be accepted by most consumers. St. Vincent flooring not only gives floor-loving consumers more choices, but also makes your life easier and more quality.

Understand how to finish the floor of the holy elephant, the following will introduce the next part of the holy elephant flooring quotes for your reference.


Holy Image Floor Quote

From the iconic floor quote information and the historical price of the iconic floor, we can see that although the quality of the iconic floor is excellent, but the floor price is not cheap, take the best composite floor of the icon, the average price is as high as 170 yuan / square meter, such as the Holy Image floor GT7196 Hawaiian cherry noodle v-groove laminate flooring, the price of this floor can only be regarded as the icon in the icon of the floor, the price up to 178.00 yuan / square meter. Next, we will share some of the iconic floor price list information for everyone:

The holy elephant N8171 snow boat reinforced laminate flooring Price: ¥ 165.00 yuan / square meter

Saint GT7121 light maple maple laminate flooring Price:Â¥178.00/sqm

Shengxiang N8000 Royal Oak Reinforced Wood Flooring Price:Â¥178.00/sqm

Saint NK0024 reef oak three-story structure wood floor Price:Â¥418.00/sqm

St. N6919 fire dance step laminate wood flooring Price: ¥ 168.00/sqm

Editor's summary: Although the iconic floor is good, the price is not cheap, and the general owners have to be tight because of the decoration. It is advised not to use the iconic floor. If the hands are plentiful, choosing the iconic floor is also a good choice.

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