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Kohler cabinets official website is an important way for consumers to understand Kohler cabinets, but also the first network window of Kohler cabinets to release the latest cabinets, then Kohler cabinet official website has recently released new cabinets? Let's look at the details of Kohler's cabinet official website and the latest Kohler cabinet official website for your reference today.

Kohler cabinets official website - Inst

Inheriting Victorian design and incorporating American minimalist styles, the classic reveals modern fashion, with an introverted elegance. Stay in it as if bathed in the sun and feel the warmth and romance of the afternoon manor

Decoration style: classical

Door material: paint door

Kohler Cabinet Official Website - Art Series

Memory Space A fairy tale in a dream, inspired by different images in various fashion stores on the streets of Shanghai, such as the silver cypress tree branches, princess pendants dancing in the castle, white rabbit masks, and streets Dalmatians and other elements, using a surreal abstract artistic expression technique to re-assemble colorful colors, bizarre scenes express a feeling of life full of harmony, sweet dreams.

Decoration style: modern and simple

Door material: paint door scratch-proof amorphous plate

Kohler cabinets official website - Pavio

Walk in the Mediterranean blue Ionian, romantic island architecture, pure and transparent tenderness of the sea. The sun is vivid and full of Mediterranean style freehand style, warm and windy, quiet and harmonious. Back to the original color, indulge in exotic exotic.

Decoration style: modern and simple

Door material: paint door

Kohler Cabinet official website - New China

The blueberry fruit that grows quietly, once mature, will be favored by its unique color and shape. Gorgeous appearance, just casual with the publicity; indifferent charm show off, inadvertently between.

Decoration style: modern and simple

Door material: paint door

Kohler cabinet official website - Rita

Each designer is a free and romantic idealist, and their hearts always have a gentle, sweet and sweet neighbor girl. These cupboards are just like boxes that store innocent memories. A faint warm white tone makes one wonder if the girl is called “kindly Rita”.

Decoration style: modern and simple

Door material: paint door

Kohler cabinet official website

Kohler cabinet official website: http://

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