Let you have a comprehensive understanding of the screen

Hidden into the small building to manage it, in spring and summer and autumn and winter, in fact, everyone needs a screen to draw the boundaries between you and me, in order to live in their own system, to secrete the ambition of being alone. Dragon day, phoenix day. The original screen, framed by wood, painted on the axe, placed on the throne of the emperor, the so-called emperor is standing on the screen. Obviously, the screen is the frame of the axe. Although the axe is not true, it also carries the prestige and murderousness to help the emperor to live in the group. If the axe is the accomplice of the emperor, the screen is the accomplice of the accomplice. Of course, this accomplice It is an idea, it looks beautiful.

Sooner or later, royal supplies should be popularized to the public. A well-behaved home, screens are indispensable. In the sixth round of "Dream of Red Mansions", Jia Rong borrowed a screen from Wang Xifeng: "My father sent me to ask for a scorpion, your glass screen, can you borrow from our house, our family comes to the guests, the scenery is good, then you are sent Come back." There is a screen to be able to see the scenery, it can be seen that this screen is not the same, at that time, glass products are still relatively rare. Of course, ordinary people don't need axe, and the screens are replaced by flowers, birds, and fish. Fang Xuanling sets the ancient and modern books in the screen, and the production techniques are also replaced by relief, openwork, painting, and inlay. In the Han Dynasty, the screen was widely respected. The book "Salt and Iron" records that the rich at that time loved the screen, and the production of a screen did not hesitate to pay for the work of thousands of people. It was very discouraged by the Emperor of the Great Wall. This is only the rich and not the richest man. The host received the VIP, and there was no screen behind him. It was as if the dragon king on the bottom of the sea had been taken away from the pinnacle of the sea and it was difficult to become a system. The Ming Dynasty, not only at home, but also for sending. According to the "Tianshui Iceberg Record", Yan Yan was copied, and the home auctioned 389 pieces of various screens. This is the prime minister of the great powers, and only a screen can open a museum. A screen is a bribe, and 389 screens are turned into a statistical data. It is a pity that these 389 screens, no family has been held for a long time, and there is no one. The emperor of Zhujia is busy guarding the mountains and rivers, and naturally can't take care of these details. The details of the last minute became history, and it was impossible. Only one screen of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty was sold for 25 million yuan in 2003. A set of screens specially customized for the 60th birthday of Kangxi was sold in 2006 for 80.5 million yuan. The reason why the screen is valuable is because it has culture. Inspired by the screen, there is a layout on the chess called the screen horse, like a screen, specializing in breaking the head cannon, the screen Ma Fengmang is restrained but full of flexibility, Yan family may not like the layout of such a needle.

The role of the screen

The screen was originally used to block the wind. The Tang people often set up a small screen at the bedside to block the cool breeze of the head. Chinese medicine says that the wind is a long-term disease, some cold wind ears are difficult to detect, but the human body feels it, it invades the skin, texture, joints and meridian blood vessels, the body can not get adjusted, the Chinese medicine is called wind disease, such as Liver wind, brain wind, eye wind, stroke, etc., there is a Chinese medicine that specializes in treating wind diseases. The name is called Yupingfeng. The screen is the symbol of Chinese culture at the beginning, and jade is added in front, and jade is the symbol in the symbol. The general wind is naturally able to block a file, but the ears are hard to detect the breeze, how can a small screen be blocked? Perhaps, the screen is more of a psychological function, you love the screen, and The screen is in front of the eyes, the eyes are the color, the touch is the shield, the subconscious is beautiful, it seems that there is no wind. The breeze is moving, but the heart of Lao Tzu is unmoved, which erects a wind-proof screen in the heart. Of course, this one is the projection of the outside one.

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