Market turmoil, high-end furniture, stable, rising, and still rising

[Abstract] The impact of the financial crisis has not been completely eliminated. What are the sales of high-end furniture that are expensive in the cruel market environment? Reporters in the Red Star · Mei Kailong, Ou Kailong, Zhongbo furniture store street, actually home (view map) and other home stores to see, those imported and domestic high-end furniture stores business is still good, the sales under the market is still stable. The impact of the financial crisis has not been completely eliminated. What are the sales of high-end furniture that are expensive in the cruel market environment? The reporters saw in the home stores such as Red Star, Meikailong, Ou Kailong, Zhongbo Furniture Street, and Real Home, that the business of imported and domestic high-end furniture stores is still good, and sales under the market are still stable. Market turmoil, high-end furniture sales have risen steadily in 2009. Most of the industry circles in the home circle have admitted that this year is a very turbulent and extremely cold year. Due to the indefinite extension of the off-season, many weaker home stores and manufacturers have adopted a strategy of contraction development, and the market is not shocked. However, just this year, the high-end home market has quietly developed in people's casualties. Before the opening of the Red Star·Mai Kailong Zhengzhou Shopping Mall, the brand of one store was mostly furniture. At that time, if there was only a few hundred thousand yuan in sales, according to Jiang Weigang, general manager of Red Star Meikailong Zhengzhou Shopping Mall, it was really “unusual”. During the 11th year of this year, with the opportunity to open the Oukai North International Home Purchasing Center, the top furniture brands Alexandra and FFDM have shipped, and the sales of several hundred thousand yuan in a few days made the two dealers excited. In the famous shop street of Zhongbo Furniture Plaza, large furniture stores such as Huari, Mingyou Aotai and Yipinyuan also have a stable and growing customer base. Jiang Weigang said that although the largest consumer group of high-end furniture is still the “popular part of the pyramid”, from the current situation, there are also a few white-collar workers with increasing incomes and married families who are about to form families, and the proportion is gradually increasing. . For the home shopping malls such as Red Star and Macalline, everyone has been creating a market image of “famous prices”, maximizing the scope of target customers and enhancing the popularity of the mall. Wu Dawei, CEO of Ou Kailong Furniture Chain, also said that the impact of the financial crisis is certain, but from the sales of Ou Kailong's various shopping malls, the market for high-end furniture is more stable than the low-end brands, which is indeed a unique market. The phenomenon is also the source of power for Ou Kailong to maintain its rapid development momentum for more than ten years. Sticking to the positioning and stabilizing price system has become the focus Under the influence of the financial crisis, many home building materials manufacturers have launched preferential promotions in the form of strong discounts. However, the reporter found in the interview that many high-end furniture brands have not been involved in this discount sales promotion, and even resisted this disguised price war. Even if there is, at best, it is only a discount of 8.8 fold, 10 fold or even 9.5 fold. Faced with the price wars frequently launched by low-end and mid-end furniture brands, why can high-end furniture withstand this loneliness? A Henan high-end furniture brand dealer bluntly said that under the influence of the macroeconomic environment, the phenomenon of high-end furniture discounted in the market did occur. The original price of tens of thousands of yuan, more than 100,000 yuan of European furniture can be thousands of yuan. Buy, this phenomenon is very abnormal. Looking back, the effect of this pure price war is not obvious, nor does it bring real sales boost to these brands. Time has passed, the number of times has increased, and the effect of the price war will be even worse. This is tantamount to "lifting a rock and licking your own feet." “If those furniture brands that have been taking high-end luxury routes are moving closer to the low-end, it means surrendering to civilians. As a result, the high-end positioning of the brand itself will be quickly dumped. If you can’t even understand this. One point, how can we retain the hard-working customers?” The dealer said that since it decided to take the high-end route, it must have a high-end development strategy. Even if there is a temporary off-season in the market, you must be able to withstand loneliness and consistently adhere to your own price system. Only in this way can the customer believe that buying your things will not depreciate. The dealer also said that for any furniture brand dedicated to the country's layout, whether it is high-end or low-end, the price system is always implemented nationwide. If dealers want to carry out promotional activities, they need manufacturers. Licensing and direct cooperation. If the dealer can't stand the loneliness and arbitrarily make the price reduction promotion, it is easy to have contradictions with the manufacturer. This is extremely unfavorable for the future operation and development. There is no such precedent in the market. Strategy adapts to avoid high-end emphasis on quality styles During the visit, most of the high-end furniture brands insisted on the original brand strategy. Even if they faced temporary sales pressure, they refused to lower their posture. However, the reporter also found an interesting little detail. Many high-end furniture brand sales staff deliberately avoided the high-end products when introducing products, and began to emphasize the diversification of brand styles and series, and strive to expand the larger consumer groups. To retain the rush of customers. A high-end furniture brand dealer who has opened a number of specialty stores in Red Star, Macalline and Ou Kailong said that the choice of entering Red Star, Meikailong and Okayron itself has already explained the brand's own market positioning. Customers who ultimately choose to spend on Red Star, Macalline and Okayron also have more than average spending power. Therefore, in the previous training for sales personnel, it has not been advocated to over-emphasize the high-end products, and fully enhance the understanding of quality and style is the top priority of sales promotion. In fact, although the impact of the financial crisis is global, luxury consumption continues to grow in the snowball industry in China, and the market continues to grow. According to statistics, in the first 10 months of this year, BMW's sales in mainland China increased by nearly 40%. A steady growth in customer base and sales may be the confidence of high-end consumer brands to unswervingly adhere to their market positioning.

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