The classical furniture industry financing difficult financial institutions throw "Olive Branches"

For the classical furniture industry, where funds are prone to accumulate in the production process for a long time, it is not easy to solve the financing problem. However, with the rapid development of the Jiangmen classical furniture industry in recent years, the financial institutions that saw the industrial prospects have thrown out an olive branch. The conditions for the previous loan companies to require a series of mortgages have been relaxed, and they can be replaced by merchants. It is reported that at present, one of the main concentrated places in the classical furniture industry, the strong market demand has contributed to the growth of the industry, and hundreds of furniture companies have been entrenched here. However, in the process of development and growth, this industry has encountered industry characteristics and current financing policies, resulting in poor capital turnover. Last year, Jiangmen furniture industry's output value reached 3 billion yuan, the domestic demand for such luxury goods can be seen. Realizing that traditional furniture has huge market prospects, some banks have introduced some new financing methods for the classical furniture industry. For example, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiangmen Branch New Club Classical Furniture Industry has developed a set of “business-to-business guarantees” to allow association companies to guarantee each other, thus lowering the loan threshold. In September alone, 25 companies of the Xinhui Classical Furniture Association received a loan of 30 million yuan from the bank in this way.

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