Soybean nitrogen fertilizer characteristics

The nitrogen nutrients required for soybean seedlings can be supplied by the alienation of proteins stored in the cotyledons. After the seedlings are unearthed, the fast-acting nitrides are quickly absorbed from the soil. Generally, when the first compound leaves are present in soybean seedlings, the root nodules have been formed, but the nitrogen fixation capacity has not been fully exerted. Although the amount of nitrogen required is not large at this time, the shortage of nitrogen in the soil often causes symptoms of nitrogen deficiency. Affects normal growth. Soybean flowering and pod-forming period is the period of most nitrogen demand. At this time, although the nitrogen-fixing ability of Rhizobium is very strong, it can not meet the needs. Therefore, at this stage, the nitrogen fertilizer in the soil must be used to supplement its needs. The amount of nitrogen supplied during this period is closely related to the accumulation of dry matter. Plants gain more nitrogen and more dry matter accumulates. There are two sources of nitrogen in soybeans, namely the nitrogen fixed by Rhizobium and the nitrogen absorbed by the roots from the soil. A large amount of nitrogen fertilizer is applied, and soybean yield increase is not significant, and sometimes even fertilization does not increase production.
In the following two cases, nitrogen fertilizer can be used as soybean seed fertilizer: first, the soil fertility is low, and the soybean can not be guaranteed to reach normal brogue; second, the soybean cultivar with strong early maturity stalk needs to promote vegetative growth during the seedling stage. The most rapid accumulation of nitrogen in soybean plants is in the flowering and pod-forming stage. Therefore, the flowering effect is better.
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