Six organic fertilizer production methods

The weed tanning method is made by mixing semi-dry weeds with fine dry soil and human excrement. When tanning, first lay a layer of 7-10 cm thick pond mud or fine soil on the ground, then lay a layer of semi-dry weeds, sprinkle a small amount of human excrement, and cover 7 to 10 cm thick. The soil is piled up in layers of 1.5 meters and then sealed with pond mud. It can be re-sealed after 30 to 35 days, and then applied after 15 to 20 days.
Straw tanning method Straw with dried straw, wheat straw and other crop straws and fine dry soil, human and animal manure are prepared at a ratio of 6:3:1. One day before the tanning, the crop straw was poured through water, mixed with fine dry soil, human and animal manure, and then piled up to about 1.5 m high, and then sealed with pond mud. After 25 to 30 days, it can be re-sealed once and then applied for 15 to 20 days.
The chemical fertilizer preparation method uses chemical fertilizer, manure and fertilizer, and fine dry soil to be mixed in proportion. The specific method is to take 25 kg of calcium phosphate, 25 kg of ammonium sulfate, 1.25 kg of zinc sulfate, 7.5 kg of potassium chloride, 500 kg of human excrement (or 250 kg of pig manure), 1000 kg of fine dry soil, evenly mixed. The piles are compacted and sealed with a plastic film and can be applied after 25 to 30 days.
The high-temperature tanning method uses pigs, cattle, sheep and other animal manure and turf or fresh weeds in a ratio of 2:1, add appropriate amount of water, mix well, pile up piles, seal with plastic film, after 20 to 25 days Can be applied.
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Biogas tank accumulation method The biogas tank is used to ferment livestock manure under high temperature anaerobic conditions to form high quality organic fertilizer. This method can fertilize manure sufficiently and kill more than 95% of bacteria and pests in the feces.

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