How to use fish medicine correctly

With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, the problem of disease prevention and control has become increasingly prominent, and it is particularly important to master the correct use of fishery drugs.

First, the symptom of fishery drug 1 poisoning, including pesticide poisoning, red tide poisoning, seaweed poisoning, fish poisoning poisoning, etc., the poisoning situation is different, the treatment methods are also different. 2 malnutrition, chronic, long span, should choose high-quality feed, can not be misdiagnosed as other diseases. The three types of bacterial diseases have the same symptoms as bacterial diseases, and most antibiotics are effective. 4 viral diseases have almost no effective treatment, mainly prevention. 5 There are many kinds of bacterial diseases, which are the main control objects of aquatic diseases. They should be disinfected in time to eliminate pathogens and properly handle sick and dead fish. 6 different pathogens use different drugs for protozoal diseases. 7 treatment of trematode disease can choose the king of the worm, the king of killing, the insecticide pioneer and other special drugs. 8 Mycosis includes both mildew and water mold, which is caused by deterioration of water quality. Adjusting water quality is the key.

During the 13 hours of spraying the fishery medicine, it is necessary to pay close attention to the dynamics of the fish population. If abnormalities are found, measures should be taken in time to prepare for drainage and new water rescue. After the second day, the patrol ponds were used once in the morning and evening, and the number of illnesses and deaths after medication were recorded.

Second, the use of fishery medicine method 1 time sprinkling method, calculate the amount of drug in the whole pool evenly spilled, suitable for prevention and treatment, not affected by appetite, but not for high-priced, long-term half-life drugs, pay attention to incompatibility and medication order. Irregular fish ponds are not accurate, have poor safety, have large side effects, and easily damage water bodies. 2 feeding method, estimating the feed amount and dosage of the feed to make the bait, feeding it after drying, can exert absorption, and is suitable for the prevention and early treatment of diseases such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, nutritional imbalance, especially Organ diseases and the role of parasites in killing are obvious. However, it is passively administered, relying on active feeding, and it is not effective for fish that are seriously ill and stop feeding. 3 hanging bag method, weigh the drug bag to choose the hanging place, regular dosing, for prevention or use of large water surface, but the effect is not as good as the whole pool, affecting food intake. 4 Dip bath method, put the prepared fish medicine into the appropriate container, and then put the fish into the liquid medicine, and release the medicine after the drug effect is achieved. The dosage is small, the medicine cost is saved, the medicine effect is not affected by the water environment, and the water body is not polluted, and it is suitable for expensive and large fish, but the rough operation is easy to damage the fish body, and the fish body is small and the quantity is inconvenient. 5 smear method, when the fish head is applied upwards to prevent the drug from flowing into the fish gill, the dosage is small, convenient and safe, and the side effects are small. It is suitable for the treatment of broodstock care, trauma and local inflammation, but it cannot be used in large quantities. 6 injection method, divided into intramuscular injection (30-40 degrees along the base of the dorsal fin and the head of the fish into the needle) and intraperitoneal injection (the needle is inserted obliquely toward the pectoral fin along the medial base of the ventral fin, the depth is determined by the size of the fish). The dosage is accurate, the absorption is fast, complete, and the curative effect is good, but it is too troublesome. It is only used when the broodstock is oxytocin, artificially injected vaccine, the number of sick fish is small, and the variety is expensive.

Third, note 1 When purchasing fishery drugs, pay attention to check the approval number, production batch number, expiration date, withdrawal period, storage method, packaging quantity, etc., especially do not buy the wrong fishery medicine because of the variety of names. 2 The efficacy of fishery drugs is affected by many factors in the water. The dosage should be adjusted or the fishery drugs should be replaced according to the situation. 3 banned fishery drugs, sodium pentachlorophenolate, malachite green, insecticidal mites, amitraz, lindane, toxaphene, methyltestosterone, diethylstilbestrol, bismuth potassium tartrate, olaquindox, methamidophos, methyl parathion , dichlorvos and six six six.

Source: New Agriculture
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