Next year, hardware processing trade recovery tax exemption policy

China's Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs recently issued a joint announcement that in order to actively respond to the impact of the financial crisis, maintain stable growth of foreign trade, adjust the processing trade restrictions and prohibited categories. The import tax exemption policy for commodities such as copper, nickel, cobalt ore and concentrates will be resumed from February 1 next year.
Announced on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, it said that from February 1st, the export tax exemption policy for refined copper, unwrought nickel alloy, non-alloy aluminum strips, poles and other commodities will be resumed.
According to the announcement, this time, 1,730 ten-digit commodity codes were excluded from the restricted catalogue, specifically related to textiles, plastics (7540, 355.00, 4.94%, bar) products, wood products, hardware products, etc., accounting for the total number of processing trade restrictions. 77%, involving processing trade exports of about 30 billion US dollars.
Twenty-nine ten-digit commodity codes were removed from the banned catalogue, mainly involving copper, nickel, aluminum and other products. The export value of processing trade was about 1.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 30% of the total amount of prohibited categories.

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