Zimmerman FZ37: Interpretation of high-end high-speed cutting

Germany's F. Zimmermann (Zimmermann) introduced the third generation FZ 37 high speed cutting (HSC) milling machine. As the company's best-selling product in recent years, the FZ 37 has achieved a good balance between the spindle and the milling head, combined with its mechanical design and drive technology, can be used in a variety of categories, including: finishing of crimping tools; in prototyping and at High-efficiency aluminum cutting in the aerospace industry; and high-precision machining of composite materials.

According to Zimmerman, in addition to the essential functions of today's HSC milling machines, the third-generation FZ 37 is equipped with an independent clamping system, extraction system, in-process control, and integrated software. Optimized structural components, original door posts and stronger drives make the machine stronger and reduce weight, increasing surface accuracy and expanding the range of processable materials. The three axes are driven by a Rack-and-Pinion Drive with an entry speed of 50 m/min for increased productivity. A new generation of milling heads with rotary shaft clamping and advanced cooling and sensing technology is used to ensure safe machine operation. A new generation of 60kW, 95Nm, 22,000rpm spindles with self-priming is used to extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.

The FZ37 has the typical options that today's high-speed cutting must provide, and many special application solutions have been developed, such as separate carding systems and vacuum systems, process control and software integration solutions.

New technology for the development of the third generation FZ37: A new generation of high efficiency and high performance main 60Kw, 95Nm, 22000rpm, including a unique automatic grease replenishment system. A wider range of applications, longer life, higher productivity, and lower maintenance costs. With various security measures.

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