Henan introduced non-ferrous metal industry adjustment and revitalization plan

The People's Government of Henan Province issued a document recently and officially promulgated the "Regulations for the Adjustment and Revitalization of Nonferrous Metals Industry in Henan Province" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning").

The "Planning" proposes that Henan's non-ferrous metal industry development orientation: focus on technology and product upgrading, strengthen product chain integration, and prioritize and strengthen the light metal industry mainly based on aluminum, magnesium and titanium; focus on intensive processing and focus on improvement The scale and level of copper processing and molybdenum-tungsten processing; focusing on expanding metal recycling and utilization, and promoting the transformation of the development mode of lead and zinc industry. First, we must focus on building an internationally competitive aluminum industry industrial chain, further improve the coal-electric-aluminum-aluminum processing integrated industrial chain, and vigorously develop high-level aluminum alloys and deep-processing products. Second, we must vigorously develop high-end aluminum alloy processing products. Focusing on extending the industrial chain, increasing the added value of products and accelerating the development of aluminum deep processing products in key areas. Third, we must accelerate the construction of a metal aluminum recycling system covering the whole society. Fourth, we must accelerate the research and development of industrial frontier technology. Integrate scientific research strength, increase investment in research and development, re-innovate through independent innovation and introduction of technology, break through resource and energy, environmental bottlenecks, and improve product quality. The focus is on the comprehensive utilization technology of alumina production red mud, the energy-saving technology of electrolytic aluminum ton aluminum DC power consumption of 12,000 kWh, and the key technologies of high-grade aluminum plate with short process processing.

It is necessary to speed up the construction of a world-class magnesium alloy deep processing base, rely on the existing industrial base, further optimize the industrial layout and resource allocation, focus on the construction of Hebi magnesium processing industrial base, consolidate the advantages of magnesium powder, magnesium particles and other products, and strengthen magnesium alloy extruded materials and Rolling plate scale, supporting the development of high-purity magnesium and magnesium alloys, promoting the coordinated development of metal magnesium smelting, magnesium alloy and magnesium deep processing industrial chain, forming a world-class magnesium alloy and magnesium processing industrial base.

It is necessary to vigorously promote the intensive development of lead, zinc and molybdenum and tungsten industries. Based on the backbone enterprises such as Yuguang Gold and Lead, Jinli and Wanyang, the lead and zinc industry insists on controlling the total amount of lead and zinc, highlighting the development of circular economy, and building Jiyuan City into a comprehensive lead and zinc production base with important influence in China; Enterprises such as Beijin Lead and Anyang Lushan accelerated the construction of Anyang Recycling Lead Recycling Base. Maintain the leading position of Henan lead and zinc industry in terms of total scale, innovation capability and resource recycling. Actively develop a circular economy. Encourage national renewable metal pilot enterprises to develop waste lead and zinc recovery treatment. In 2012, recycled lead production accounted for more than 30% of the province's lead production, and in 2015 reached more than 40%, achieving equal weight of recycled raw materials and mineral raw materials, reducing resources and energy consumption. . At the same time, we will do a good job in the utilization of waste heat from lead and zinc smelting, and promote the comprehensive utilization of solid waste such as waste residue to achieve zero emissions. Optimize the structure of lead and zinc products to achieve alloying of products. Adhere to the lead-zinc smelting alloying road, focus on the development of hot-dip galvanizing alloys, die-cast zinc alloys, lead-bismuth alloys and other products directly used in steel, storage batteries and other fields to optimize product structure.

The molybdenum and tungsten industry should make rational use of the advantages of molybdenum resources, control the scale of mine development, and strengthen the recycling of tungsten resources. Actively guide the equal resources of Luanchuan, Pixian, Lushi and Zhen to concentrate on advantageous enterprises. Accelerate the development of deep processing of molybdenum and tungsten with high technical content, and form a new pattern of industrial development with resource development as the mainstay and deep processing products as the leading factor, and build a world-class molybdenum and tungsten industrial base. Through technological innovation, the comprehensive utilization of low-grade ore, difficult ore and tailings will be strengthened, and the recovery rate of mineral resources and the level of comprehensive recycling will be improved. In particular, it is necessary to significantly increase the recycling level of the total (concomitant) tungsten resources and increase the proportion of tungsten products. Comprehensively improve the capacity of molybdenum and tungsten smelting and deep processing. Support enterprises to develop new products, focusing on the development of wire-cutting and spraying molybdenum wire, molybdenum plate, molybdenum-containing tungsten catalyst, hard alloy and other high value-added products, and further expand the application field of molybdenum and tungsten processing products. Rectify and standardize the order of mineral resources development. Close the backward mining and mining enterprises, concentrate the superior resources to support the development of key enterprises, and improve the control and leading role of the molybdenum and tungsten industry.

Expand the scale of copper and titanium processing industry. The copper processing industry should rely on Chinalco Luotong and Jinlong copper pipes to further improve the copper processing bases in Luoyang and Xinxiang and maintain the competitive advantage of the copper processing industry in Henan. The titanium processing industry should give full play to its technological advantages, promote the construction of Luoyang Titanium Industry Base, and build a complete industrial chain of “sponge titanium-titanium ingot-titanium processing material-titanium alloy products” to form a highly competitive titanium material production and R&D center. .

Actively develop other non-ferrous metals industries. Give full play to the advantages of Henan's gold industry, accelerate the deep exploration of mines, actively develop gold resources outside the province and abroad, vigorously develop gold-plated metal materials and gold and silver jewelry processing, extend the industrial chain, and enhance the comprehensive competitive advantage. Encourage enterprises to comprehensively recycle and use associated polymetallic resources, and use aluminum oxide and ilmenite to extract metal gallium and metal nickel to reduce environmental pollution and improve economic efficiency.

The plan emphasizes improving the level of energy conservation and emission reduction. Further increase the energy conservation and emission reduction of non-ferrous metals industry, actively develop a number of key common energy-saving technologies, promote the application of a number of major energy-saving technologies and equipment, and implement a number of major energy-saving demonstration projects to make the energy-saving emission reduction level of Henan non-ferrous metal industry in the industry. Forefront. Support the key alumina production enterprises in the province to develop and utilize low-grade bauxite mines, and improve the comprehensive utilization level of wastewater and red mud. Actively promote the application of aluminum alloy electrolytic cell shaped cathode, a hydraulic bauxite high pressure plus ore concentration and dissolution, large-scale aluminum electrolysis series without power failure full current and other advanced common technology developed by China, to promote aluminum smelting energy saving and emission reduction has made significant progress. Accelerate the upgrading and upgrading of technical equipment of aluminum processing enterprises, and promote the use of advanced short-flow aluminum strip casting and rolling technology to reduce energy consumption. Strengthen the research and development of new metal magnesium technology, new equipment and new technologies, continuously improve the silicon thermal production process, improve the level of smelting technology, effectively reduce the original, auxiliary, fuel consumption, reduce environmental pollution and improve product quality. Support lead and zinc smelting enterprises to reduce resources, energy consumption, reduce pollution emissions, promote the application of liquid high-lead slag direct reduction, oxygen-rich bottom blowing - redox direct lead smelting and other advanced smelting processes to achieve industrial upgrading.

The "Plan" pointed out that it is necessary to further eliminate backward production capacity. Strictly implement national industrial access standards, strengthen the accountability system for eliminating backward production capacity in the non-ferrous metals industry, adhere to eliminating backward production capacity ahead of schedule, expand space for advanced production capacity, and maintain the leading position of Henan non-ferrous metal industry in China. In the next three years, in principle, no new construction, expansion and expansion of electrolytic aluminum projects will be carried out, and the existing alumina production capacity will be basically maintained. Before the end of 2012, the aluminum electrolysis tanks of 160kA and below will be completely eliminated, and the capacity to be vacated will give priority to the development of the advantageous electrolytic aluminum enterprises. Completely eliminate the lead-smelting capacity of the sintering pot and the backward zinc smelting capacity, and gradually phase out the lead smelting capacity of the sintering machine with high energy consumption and heavy pollution. By 2012, all lead-zinc smelters of 50,000 tons/year or less will be closed.

The Plan calls for accelerating the strategic reorganization and strategic cooperation of enterprises. Focusing on the strategic restructuring of the aluminum industry, we will deepen the integration and restructuring of the non-ferrous metal industry in Henan, promote strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign advantageous enterprises, and enhance the industry's ability to withstand risks and comprehensive competitiveness.

The Plan calls for enhanced resource support capabilities. Focusing on the shortage of bauxite and lead-zinc mines, we will continue to increase the exploration of non-ferrous metal minerals in the province and increase the reserves of resources. Strengthen the tracking of mining development information, promote enterprises to participate in the development and utilization of non-ferrous metal mineral resources at home and abroad, and enhance resource support capabilities.

The "Planning" proposes corresponding policy measures for the adjustment and revitalization of Henan non-ferrous metals industry: First, increase fiscal and tax support. The second is to promote the construction of major industrial bases. The third is to improve the ability of independent innovation. The fourth is to improve the corporate restructuring policy. The fifth is to enhance corporate financing capabilities. The sixth is to speed up the construction of a modern logistics system.

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