What are the main aspects of smart home franchise fees?

Smart homes need to pay a certain fee in the early stage of joining, these fees are the prerequisite for the success of smart home joining cooperation. So, do you know what the fees for smart home franchise are included?

Smart home franchise fees mainly include the following aspects:

1. Brand joining agency fee

Also known as the first-term license fee, it is the franchisee who needs to pay the fee to the smart home enterprise at one time, pays the brand franchise agency fee, and has the right to use the company's trademark, technology and so on. This fee varies from company to company. Some smart home companies are now starting to avoid the franchise fee policy, with the aim of expanding market channels across the country.

2. Margin (or liquidated damages, deposits)

In order to ensure that the franchisees perform the franchise contract, the franchisor may require the franchisee to deliver a certain margin. This part of the fee shall not be returned to the franchisee after the expiration of the contract. If there is no unclear payment, the franchisor shall return it to the franchisee. square. The deposit is to ensure normal cooperation between the two parties and to have certain restrictions on the agent. The deposit can be refunded when there is no cooperation. However, the detailed guidelines are subject to the contract, and the valid evidence such as the bill is kept. Do not use the verbal discourse as the trading guideline.

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3. Royalties

It is the fee charged by the headquarters for the operation of the franchise store, and will be paid by the franchise store on time. The calculation method of the premium is different depending on the industry, and it is also charged by the store area.

2. Technology and property rights fees

Many companies' products are applied for national patents, so joining may also require some patent fees. In addition to the usual product sales skills training, product service description, post-operational training and other related services, this is more conducive to the development of franchisees and profit protection.

3. Service fee

Such as shop design and construction commissioning fees, personnel training fees, online and offline advertising and advertising fees, equipment rental fees, insurance fees. Service fees, different smart home businesses have different charging standards.

4, product payment

Product purchases are mainly actual products, both actual products that can be sold to consumers, as well as experience products. For product purchases, merchants often give consumers certain discounts.

Smart home franchise fees mainly include these aspects. In fact, when franchising cooperation, there are still many other funds that need to be franchisees to take care of themselves, such as the late joining service fees. There is no certain standard for the collection of these fees, and it is often agreed by the company and the franchisees.

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