List of common fault defects and solutions in injection molding

Molding defects and metamorphosis are ultimately reflected in the quality of the injection molded product.

The shortcomings of injection molding products can be divided into the following points: (1) insufficient product injection; (2) product overflow; (3) product dents and bubbles; (4) product has joints; (5) product is brittle; (6) Plastic discoloration; (7) products with silver wire, markings and flow marks; (8) turbidity at product gates; (9) product warpage and shrinkage; (10) product size is not allowed; (11) product paste mold; (12) Material paste flow path; (13) Nozzle flow.

The reasons for the occurrence and the ways to overcome are described below one by one.

1. How to overcome the product injection Insufficient product injection is often due to the fact that the material has solidified before it is filled with the cavity, of course, there are many other reasons.

(1) Equipment reasons:

1 hopper interrupted material;

2 The hopper neck is partially or completely blocked;

3 insufficient feed;

4 The feeding control system is not operating properly;

5 The plasticizing capacity of the injection molding machine is too small;

6 The injection cycle caused by the device is abnormal.

(2) Reasons for injection molding:

1 The injection pressure is too low;

2 the injection pressure loss during the injection cycle is too large;

3 The injection time is too short;

4 The total pressure of injection is too short;

5 The injection rate is too slow;

6 The flow in the cavity is interrupted;

7 filling rate is not equal;

8 Injection cycle abnormalities caused by manipulation conditions.

(3) Temperature reasons:

1 Improve the barrel temperature;

2 improve the nozzle temperature;

3 Check the millivoltmeter, thermocouple, resistance heating coil (or far infrared heating device) and heating system;

4 Progressive mold temperature;

5 Check the mold temperature control unit.

(4) Mold reasons

1 The flow path is too small;

2 The gate is too small;

3 nozzle hole is too small;

4 The location of the gate is unfair;

5 the number of gates is insufficient;

6 cold material is too small;

7 insufficient exhaust;

8 The injection cycle is abnormal caused by the mold;

(5) Material reasons: material activity is too poor.

2. How to overcome the flashing of the product: The overflow of the product is often caused by the defects of the mold. Other reasons are: the injection force is greater than the clamping force, the material temperature is too high, the exhaust gas is insufficient, the feeding is excessive, and the mold is stained with foreign matter.

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