What are the characteristics and advantages of gossip smart locks?

Shenzhen Bagua Smart Lock Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrial company specializing in R&D, production, sales and technical services of intelligent anti-theft locks.

Relying on the leading international R&D technology of the United States Gossip Smart Lock Group, the company integrates high-tech technologies such as IT, digital, electromagnetic induction, passive non-contact, micro-motors, remote unlimited remote control, and human body information identification to develop and produce suitable products for China. The personalized intelligent anti-theft door locks combined with the market's non-contact sensors, contact sensors, passwords, fingerprints, and remote controls are now entering the domestic and international markets. So what features of gossip smart lock? What are the advantages?


Gossip Smart Lock Features

High security performance : In addition to using mobile phones for unlocking, users can also set visitor permissions through mobile phones. Only “invited” talents can bring their phones to the door. In addition to unlocking the phone, it also retains the original unlocking mode - the key unlocks, with a more complete protection mechanism, anyone unlocks, locks, locks, and you and your family can grasp in a timely manner.

Good quality : Continental lock core lock, American thread lock core, fire lock core, the latter two relatively high security, American lock core used in high-end door locks, good quality, high safety, fire prevention lock core used in fire Door lock, able to withstand the high temperature of 975 degrees for 90 minutes, is a special lock cylinder that is enforced by the state.

Gossip smart lock with fingerprint, remote control, password, sensor, telephone remote, SMS, etc

Wide range of applications : With its outstanding product advantages and strong technical strength, Yasuo Smart Lock has been successfully promoted to real estate, finance, transportation, power and other industries and fields, and is widely used in smart communities, banks, hotels, office buildings, and households. , schools and other places.

Gossip Smart Lock Advantage

Fingerprint recognition

Each person's skin texture varies in pattern, breakpoint, and intersection, that is, it is unique, and remains unchanged throughout life. Reliance on this uniqueness and stability, Bagua intelligent fingerprint password anti-theft lock corresponds to each fingerprint entered, by comparing the open fingerprint and pre-saved fingerprint comparison, you can verify the real identity of the unlocker. Really smart, safe, stylish and anti-theft.

Multiple password settings

Multiple sets of passwords (main and secondary passwords) can be set, and the input can be combined and used in combination, and any key can be pressed before entering the correct password (only the last input number is the set password number) to confuse the bypass protection function; Delete and add passwords, eliminating the need to change locks due to staff turnover.

Automatically lock safe and secure

It can be set to automatically lock the door when you close the door to avoid the worries of yours. At the same time, you can push and pull the slide cover upwards after closing the door to realize the automatic locking function. The sealed compartment type anti-theft design uses a new type of alloy material to allow thieves to have no holes.

Mobile phone/telephone remote alarm when unlocking illegally

When someone unlawfully unlocks illegally, the smart lock will immediately send out a loud buzzing alarm and automatically call the cell management office or the owner through the phone or mobile phone to avoid the theft. No matter where you are located, you can remotely open the smart home lock through the phone settings to bring you peace of mind and convenient enjoyment.

Long battery life and durability

Only use 4 common AA alkaline batteries No. 5, convenient and efficient energy saving, and can open the door through emergency backup battery (6LR61) when the power is insufficient.

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