The specific structure of the mold has an inner profile which is an internal tooth shape that cooperates with the punch.

For the fine punching of the inner and middle holes, if two pairs of molds are used to achieve the forming purpose, not only the technical requirements (such as coaxiality) cannot be guaranteed, but the efficiency is not very high, so it is necessary to use a pair of composite molds. These two processes. Another technical difficulty of the product is that the tooth shape is half-punched, and the central hole of 510 mm is punched. In order to realize the punching center through hole and the half punch internal tooth shape compounding on the fine punching die, the small punching head and the unloading plate (top piece) are higher than the lower plane of the upper die by 3 mm (as long as it is larger than the unpunched portion size of 215 mm); The punching center hole is also required to be separated under the 3-direction pressure, and the height of the pusher block is adjusted to the height of the small punch to ensure the punching quality. In this way, in the one stroke of the press, the shaping of the tooth shape is completed, and the center hole is punched out, which ensures the coaxiality of the center hole and the tooth shape, and meets the technical requirements of the part.

The pressing form is selected in combination with the characteristics and requirements of the part, that is, the external part of the tooth shape is still part of the part instead of the scrap. If the ring-shaped pressing plate is selected (the contact surface between the finger pressing plate and the blank is toothed), it is easy to be in the part. It is not allowed to press the indentation on the corresponding part (outer area of ​​the tooth shape), which affects the quality and appearance. Therefore, in the form of a boss-shaped pressure plate, according to the specific structure of the mold, the inner contour is an internal tooth shape that cooperates with the punch. Considering the size of the platen hole and the shape of the cylinder, as well as the equipment ownership of the factory, the tonnage of the press is 2500kN. From the later test, the calculation of the above forces is basically satisfactory.

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