Carefully pick LED lamps to keep "light pollution" away from us

"A girl over 4 years old was diagnosed as precocious puberty by a doctor because the melatonin secretion was insufficient in the body. The doctor suspected that the melatonin secretion was insufficient because the child was exposed to too much light and was pursued all the way. To the big bedside night light to blame." Recently, with this news in the major website forums crazy reposted, the word "light pollution" suddenly made many parents alert. So in life, how to make the baby and the "light pollution" insulated? The reporter recently visited several home markets in Huizhou, this lighting designer suggested that the home light source layout allows the combination of overall lighting and local lighting, try to avoid the spotlight is effective "avoid The way of light.

Design: use virtual lighting for virtual space segmentation

"Light pollution" is mainly manifested in two aspects: the color of the lamps is too messy and the decoration is too bright. In order to avoid such light pollution, it is necessary to pay more attention to the lighting design. Light can increase the spatial effect, enrich and improve the space requirements, such as using light changes and distribution to create various visual functions, and can also virtually separate the space to form an area that attracts the line of sight.

In terms of room function, He Yansheng suggested that there are many functions such as meeting, learning, and sleep, and the lighting requirements are different. In the color of the light, choose a main color and a secondary color; the light source should be arranged in light and dark, and the room should be configured with a combination of overall lighting and local lighting. The overall lighting is a chandelier. Lighting includes wall lights, table lamps, and the like.

Lamps should conform to the style of the home in terms of shape and color. Chinese-style homes can choose between chandeliers and stand-up lights. Modern homes can be purchased with modern aesthetics such as fishing lights. More attention should be paid when selecting lamps for children's rooms. Do not buy a light that the child can directly touch the light bulb to prevent the light bulb from burning the child's skin. Also avoid buying floor-standing lamps to prevent the lamps from being knocked down by children or being electrically connected to children.

Be wary: try to avoid spotlights in indoor homes

Experts say that to avoid "light pollution", it is best to say "no" to the spotlight. Although the spotlights are bright and concentrated, they play a key role in strengthening the local beauty. However, due to their strong light, if they are not used well, it will cause children to be nervous. Therefore, the designer still recommends that indoor homes should avoid shooting unless there is special need. light.

Different areas have different light source designs. The amount of light can be controlled according to the activity intensity and area of ​​the living room. The light intensity in the study and work area should be moderate, but it should be concentrated; the light in the bedroom should be as soft and warm as possible, avoid direct light source, and the light can be hidden in the chandelier or in the closet. Let the light source refract, which helps to obtain a gentle light and increase the sense of security.

How to choose lamps? Look at the shape, choose the color, pick the material

In addition to avoiding the problem of "light pollution", what is the choice of lamps? This expert suggests that the shape, color and material should be considered and indispensable.

Modeling: unity

"Now the lights are different, the choice of style depends entirely on the owner's preferences." Tan Libo, the general manager of Jiali Haoyi, suggested that the style of the main living room lighting should be chosen first. If you like European style, choose European glass. Chandeliers; like traditional, choose ceramic chandeliers or sculpture craft floor lamps; like simple, choose less decorative ceiling lamps. Then other places to choose according to the main living room style. Make lighting and home decoration uniform.

Color: the light color should not exceed two

It is not appropriate to place too many varieties of lights in home furnishings. The general home decoration lamps are white, yellow and neutral. "Generally choose one to two, too many types are not comfortable." Light color is best coordinated with the home environment decoration style. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the interior furniture, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances.

Material: Must be reliable

"One penny and one share", the quality is mainly reflected in the material, the material will also affect the fineness of workmanship, so choose the brand, the material is more secure. The luminous efficiency of the three-primary fluorescent lamp is 1.4 times that of the ordinary fluorescent lamp, and the color of the expression is more natural and true, which can well protect the child's vision. "After the lamp has been used for a long time, the long-term heat dissipation will cause the lampshade to produce an odor, if it is The taste of the brand will be bigger, and the good brand will have a smell, relatively less. ”

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