The role of the spring support in the fairing

In order to simplify the "簸箕" angle box of the spring bracket of the fairing into a beam structure, the principle of simplification is as follows:

(1) The size and distribution of the mass of the spring support near the half-cover circumferential direction will have a great influence on the dynamic characteristics of the structure. Therefore, the mass and distribution of the structure before and after simplification should be basically the same.

(2) The spring support mainly plays the role of transmitting the spring thrust to the semi-column ring, the purlin and the support frame, so the effect of simplifying the transmission of the spring force of the front and rear structures should be substantially the same.

(3) Since the load time history of the structure is directly related to the displacement of the force point of the spring force, the stiffness at the point of action of the spring force, especially the stiffness along the longitudinal direction of the fairing, should be ensured.

(4) The lower end surface of the spring support is such that the circumferential stiffness of the area of ​​the cover where the support is located is strengthened, so that the simplified structural circumferential stiffness should be ensured.

The BEAM beam unit is used for the bow cap, the reinforcing frame, the support beam and the bottom end frame; the other parts of the end cap body are made of TRIA3 and QUAD4 shell elements.

The QUAD4 plate element is meshed into the front cone section shell, while the other frame is meshed by the BEAM beam element. The finite element mesh of the front column section body adopts the QUAD4 type three-layer plate shell unit, and the other frames adopt the BEAM beam unit for mesh division.

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C05 Solid Propellant Fastening Tool

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