Confirm the anchor bolt position one by one according to the measured value of the device entity

Machine pump installation quality problem countermeasures machine pump installation once pass rate of 100%. The construction engineer shall formulate the pump installation plan, commissioning plan and lifting plan. The fitter technician and quality inspector performed technical and quality reports and measured records on site. Do everything you need to get your equipment in place. The quality inspector completes the installation and inspection plan for the equipment, and comprehensively inspects and accepts the 30 pump bases and fan frames. Acceptance should be accurate, from the level of the base surface, the elevation, to the centerline position, the hole spacing must be strictly controlled within the standard range, the machine pump installation level technical standards. The construction unit, the construction unit, and the supervisor shall complete the acceptance of the equipment together, and at the same time, confirm the position of the anchor bolts one by one according to the measured values ​​of the equipment entities.

In the installation, many factors that prevent the construction method from being incorrect are adopted. The on-site monitoring and guidance of the construction workers and the inspection by the quality inspectors are carried out, and the construction of the two groups is completed, which eliminates the occurrence of excessive personnel and uneven technical force. The inspection tools in the construction must be within the standard use period, and the non-inspection testing instruments are not allowed to be brought into the site. Due to temperature differences or other factors, the readings of the test equipment will vary slightly. In order to ensure accurate reading, the equipment is required to perform a second inspection by the inspection unit, thus ensuring accurate reading of the instrument.

Increase the tight contact between the gasket and the equipment, and at the same time, check the circumferential clearance of the contact surfaces of each group of gaskets and equipment with a feeler gauge of 0.05, so that the mutual contact surfaces all reach more than 90%. Due to environmental influences and equipment stress itself, the level value changes several times a day. It should be confirmed by many observations to control the installation level within the standard range. At the same time, in the civil construction, the grout should be compacted and the anchor bolts should not be tilted, which can not affect the level of equipment. After 72 hours of grouting, the equipment was leveled again.


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