The material of the furniture is difficult to figure out how to identify solid wood furniture

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The most striking thing for consumers when buying furniture is that the material of the furniture is difficult to understand. How to identify solid wood furniture or wood-based panel furniture, how to look at the logo on the furniture label, how is the industry regulated?

There are three main points:

1. “Substrate” on the label refers to the visible part of the furniture, including the materials used for the door, face, side, top line, foot plate and cover. The substrate can be labeled with one or more. The "auxiliary material" on the label is the material used in other structures of the substrate portion.

2, wood furniture can be divided into all solid wood furniture (except for mirror pallets), furniture made of the same kind of sawn timber is called solid wood furniture; solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of two or more kinds of sawn timber; solid wood furniture is Refers to furniture made of wood sawn timber for furniture doors and surface parts; wood-based panel furniture refers to furniture that uses medium-density board, particle board, blockboard as substrate, paper, plywood, fireproof board, pvc, thin wood surface, etc. Also known as veneer furniture.

3, the "name" column of the furniture is followed by the "substrate". The name "substrate" and "covering material" after the furniture model is the name of the furniture. For example: all solid wood furniture: such as × × type full teak furniture; solid wood furniture: such as × × teak furniture; solid wood furniture: such as × × teak wood furniture; wood-based panel furniture: such as × × teak grain in the dense Board furniture (paper cover can be called wood grain), XX type teak plywood surface dense board furniture, XX type teak veneer medium-density furniture (thin wood cover).

It is not difficult to master the above three points and then choose the furniture of the materials you need. The type of furniture is determined, how is the material determined? Customers are generally difficult to identify. It can be guaranteed in the form of a signed contract.

In plastic field, many suppliers know the material, but they know little about the machining.
Some other suppliers know about the machining, but they don't know the material properties. In the two situations, problems happen frequently.
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The machining process include below
1.Turning: For parts which have high surface requirement, wide-head cutters are better. When processing thin walled and soft material, cutters like knife are recommended.
2. Milling: When milling the surface, end-milling is more cost-effective than circular milling. For circular and forming cutter, it should have less than two cutter edges. In this case, the tolerance caused due to the edge vibration can be lowered to the minimum.  
3. Sawing: Thin saws are usually used to saw thick parts to avoid the heating caused by friction. It would be better to use sharp and big sawblade.
4. Drilling: When drilling the solid materials, make sure to use sharp drill, otherwise the increasing pressure during drilling will cause material cracks.

-Work well between -260°C and 260°C
-Superior chemical resistance
-Very low coefficient of friction
-Longest aging life in plastics
-Good dielectric properties

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