Picking tiles has eight words to easily get

To buy ceramics, there are generally four principles, one, two, three, and four.

A look: As a decorative material, the appearance of tiles is undoubtedly the most important consideration for consumers. Overall, the appearance of the tile includes color, pattern, gloss and other aspects. The tile of good quality is generally uniform in color, the pattern is delicate and lifelike, there is no obvious disconnection, misalignment, etc. When purchasing the product, the consumer can from the same package. A few pieces of inspection were taken out of the box to compare defects such as chromatic aberration, deformation, and lack of edges and corners.

Second listening: With a hard object, the sound is crisper, the higher the porcelain, the better the quality. You can also use the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger to clip the corner of the tile and hang it down easily. Use your right index finger to tap the middle and lower part of the tile. For example, the sound is clear and the ear is good for the top, such as dull sound and turbidity.

Three scraping: When buying tiles, you can use a knife or a hard object to gently rub the brick to test the hardness. The Mohs hardness of the tile surface is about 6-7. The Mohs hardness is based on the world's hardest object, diamond is 10, and then divided into two levels. When two objects with different hardness touch each other, When it is rubbed, it will be the one with lower hardness. Generally, the hardness of dust particles in nature is 5-6, which is smaller than the tile, so the tile will be intact, but some quartz sand has a hardness of more than 7, and the friction between the two will cause the tile surface to be scratched. The hardness of the tile is influenced by the material and also by the degree of sintering.

Four quantities: Side length is the indicator of the length and width dimensions of the tile. Use a tape measure to measure the size of each tile around the difference, the highest accuracy is the top grade. The higher the accuracy of the length of the tile, the better the effect after the paving. Buying high-quality tiles is not only easy to construct, but also saves working hours and accessories.

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