"High-speed, precision, heavy-duty bearing key technology research" project successfully accepted

Abstract Recently, the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program jointly undertaken by Professor Li Jishun, Professor Ma Wei, Professor Jia Xianzhao and Luoyang Axis Technology Co., Ltd. of Henan University of Science and Technology "high-speed, precision, heavy-duty shaft.. .

Recently, Professor He Jishun, Professor Ma Wei, Professor Jia Xianzhao and Luoyang Axis Technology Co., Ltd. of Henan University of Science and Technology jointly carried out the “Eleventh Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Plan “Key Technology Research on High Speed, Precision and Heavy Load Bearings” "In Luoyang passed the acceptance of the China Machinery Industry Federation. The total project funding is 45 million yuan, and its special fund for China is 4 million yuan.

The project has developed a high-speed railway passenger car bearing with a speed of 250-350 km/h, a third-generation automobile wheel bearing, a mining machinery vibrating screen bearing, a CNC machine tool ultra-precision-grade ceramic bearing and a CNC lathe spindle bearing, etc.; The three-generation automobile wheel bearing structure solves the processing method of the logarithmic line/variable curvature repairing convexity roller, the bearing ring retaining type, the raceway crown and the cage processing method; realizes the ultra-high speed precision ceramics of the numerical control machine tool The universal combination of angular contact ball bearings; mastered the high-speed railway bearing, machine tool precision bearing strengthening and toughening heat treatment technology and method; improved the accuracy of non-destructive testing of materials; developed variable curvature convexity, precision grinding, precision roller detection The device and the integrated measurement and evaluation technology of the shape of the magnetic wire repairing roller; a number of key technologies are innovative; have significant economic and social benefits.

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Bathroom is a crucial place in any home or an embellishment. Hence, it has to be well organized with essential bathroom accessories. With the help of these bathroom accessories, you can keep the toiletries in one place. Hence, people opt to buy practical, yet stylish bathroom accessories.
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Be it your family bath, guest bathroom, office bathroom, etc., the impressive collection of bathroom accessories such as Towel Rack, Towel Bar, Towel Ring, Tissue Holder, Cup & Tumbler Holders, and Toilet Brush Holder, etc, enable you to organize everything in style in your bathroom . . Every inch of your bathroom can be well organized and this way you can enhance the décor of your bathroom. The arrangement of things becomes easier with these products. However, in terms of functionality and fashion, they are unmatchable.
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Stylish and functional bathroom accessories come in a variety of innovative ways by which you can create storage in your bath. To make your lavatory stylish and functional you can use accessories like Tissue Holder, etc. Accessories organize and arrange things in a sophisticated manner. On one hand, they keep your toilet essentials at their definite place. On the other hand, they make your bathroom look more beautiful and elegant.

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Well, the accessories of bathroom depend on the type, shape and size of bathroom. In order to enhance our daily lives, we install basic essentials to designer novelty items. They help us to shave off even slightest of minutes from our hectic lifestyle. Incorporating these items to your bathroom caters to the people of all walks of life practically, yet in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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