The gusset process directly determines the human and environmental health index

The process of the gusset directly determines its health index to the human body and the environment. Including the gusset plate with or without harmful gas release, noise pollution, fire and anti-static and other health and safety factors.

For example, from the technical point of view, the alumina plate is a high-grade pure metal material which is advanced anodizing process, acid oxidation treatment and natural coloring treatment on the surface of the aluminum alloy. Due to the use of high-grade polyester paint and fluorocarbon paint for production, it is UV-resistant, non-toxic and harmless, anti-interference, shieldable electromagnetic waves, and good sound insulation.

In addition, the oxidation plate itself is directly processed on the metal surface, and there is no high-grade pure metal material bonded with other composite materials, which has a good fireproof function. Compared with other gussets, the safety performance is higher. Oxide plate is a high-tech, high-quality metal material, which is relatively high in price and is the choice of high quality and fashionable home.

The frosted drawing board is the same as the oxide board, and has good sound absorption and sound insulation effects, and has good fireproof performance. The surface is bright, uniform, stable and long-lasting, satisfying consumers' high quality and fashion sense, making the decoration space full of high-tech.

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