The difference between sanitary pesticides and general pesticides

Household insecticides are pesticide products. These products must also have the same pesticide registration certificate as pesticides used in agriculture. Insecticides are a branch of pesticides. Of course, household insecticides are also pesticides, so it is only pesticides. A small part, so there is no comparison with the whole pesticide category. The only difference is that household hygienic pesticides use low-toxic agents such as pyrethroids, while pesticides used in planting are not only pyrethroids, etc. Low-toxic pesticides, as well as other types of low-toxic and poisonous, highly toxic, highly toxic pesticides.
Original drug
Hygienic insecticides and pesticides have differences in purity, toxicity (including acute and chronic), residues and safety of objects. The original drug for hygienic insecticides requires high purity, moderate toxicity or low toxicity, no triad effects (teratogenic, carcinogenic and mutagenic), and low residues. Many pesticides can be used in agriculture or hygienic, but they are of different purity. Many of the effects of pesticides on people and the environment are caused by impurities in the original drug. There are many studies on the toxicity of the original drug, and the toxicity is clear. However, the types of impurities are uncertain and varied, and the impact on people and the environment is also complicated. The purity is generally required to be above 95%.
The preparation of pesticide formulations requires the addition of many auxiliaries, and the toxicity and safety of the auxiliaries are also very important. For example, in pesticide emulsifiable concentrates, xylene benzene-based chemicals are used in large amounts as solvents, which are highly toxic. At the same time, the purity of the auxiliary agent is also low, and the industrial impurities of unknown type and unclear nature are mixed, which further increases the toxicity and uncertainty of the preparation.
The auxiliaries for the preparation of hygienic pesticides should also be of high purity, non-toxic and minimize their use.
Place of use
According to the China Pesticide Network , hygienic pesticides are mainly used in places where people live, live and work. Therefore, there is a high demand for the safety of sanitary insecticides; general pesticides are used in agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry. Safety requirements are not as high as hygienic pesticides.

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