How to identify the authenticity of rosewood

In all kinds of hardwoods, the redwood is the finest wood, the wood is the heaviest, and the wood grain is not obvious. The wood flower of the rosewood is placed in the white wine, and the wood flower will immediately decompose into a pink color, and form a relatively sticky gel with the wine, which can be connected into a line when poured. This is an effective method to identify rosewood. The origin of rosewood is mainly in India, and it is also produced in Yunnan, Guangdong and Guangxi. Red sandalwood is a genus of legumes, about fifteen species, and is prolific in the tropics. There are two ways to divide it. Red sandalwood, commonly known as small leaf sandalwood; one is rosewood, commonly known as big leaf sandalwood. Small leaf sandalwood rarely has large material, the diameter of the material is more than 20 cm, and then it will be hollow and can not be used. The small leaf sandalwood grain is not obvious, the color is purple and black, and some are dark and lacquered, and almost no texture is seen. It is generally believed that the rosewood imported from Africa in China is the rosewood, that is, the big leaf sandalwood. The large leaf sandal texture is thicker and lighter in color. After the grinding, there are obvious wood lines, that is, brown eyes appear.

The so-called red sandalwood on the market, nine out of ten is the African rosewood, which is the big leaf red sandalwood! The real Indian lobular rosewood, the new color is red, and the color gradually becomes deeper after the hand is taken. Compared with African rosewood, there are patterns in purple, and oil is not dry. African red sandalwood is dead black, no luster, thick fiber, and there are many "cow hair lines" after drying and shrinking. This "cow hair pattern" is actually different body shrinkage. The same, caused by the gap. It is said that the big leaf sandalwood is the new sandalwood, the small leaf is the old sandalwood! As the import of new sandalwood is more and more restricted, the price is rising year by year, and the appreciation potential is also great!


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