The color and meaning of jade

The color and meaning of jade

"Said Wen Jie Zi" has a cloud: "Hey, Akabane also; Cui, Qing Yuque also." People use the word jade to call this red and green jade. But in fact, the color of jade is not only red or green. Because it contains a variety of trace elements and other minerals, jadeite can display a variety of colors such as red, green, purple, white, yellow, black, gray, blue, and even a variety of different colors on the same jade. This is extremely rare for other jewels and jade.

For the color of jade, there are "threety-six kinds, seventy-two beans, one hundred and eight blues". The colors are popular in different degrees and have their own meanings. Generally speaking, red, green, purple, white and yellow in jadeite are respectively included as Fu, Lu, Shou, Yi and Cai, so it is more appropriate to send the old man to the purple jade. In addition, if there is a red and green color on a piece of jade, it is called "Fulu Shuangquan", and the three colors, four colors or five colors are all called "Fu Lu Shou", "Four Hi" and "Five Fortunes".

As the saying goes: "The color difference is one point, the price difference is ten times." The color of jade is an important factor in determining its value. Evaluate the color of the jade, the four words can be expressed clearly, that is: thick, yang, uniform, positive four characters. Concentration, refers to the saturation of color; Yang, refers to the brightness of the color, high-grade jade requires the beauty of the green, bright and generous; even, refers to the uniformity of the color distribution of the jade; positive, refers to the purity of the color of the jade, if mixed with other noise The economic value of jade will be affected.

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