Teach you how to judge the quality of the floor tiles

Take a piece from the packing box to see if the surface is flat and intact. The glazed surface should be even and bright, without spots, glaze, bumps, and the surrounding edges are regular. The glazed surface is not bright, bun or bubbles are quality problems.

Teach you how to judge the quality of the floor tiles

(2) Take out another piece of floor tile, and the two pieces are aligned. The smaller the gap is, the better. If it is a pattern brick, you must use four pieces to piece together a complete pattern. You should also be optimistic about whether the pattern of the brick is connected and clear. Then take out a box of bricks and lie flat on a large plane. See the whole effect from a distance. Regardless of white, other colors or patterns, the color should be the same. If there are individual bricks, either deep or shallow, it will be difficult to see. Affect the entire decorative effect.

(3) Put these bricks together and erect one piece to compare the size of the bricks. The small brick deviation is allowed to be plus or minus 1 mm, and the large brick is allowed to be plus or minus 2 mm.

(4) Take a piece of brick to knock another piece, or use another hard object to knock the brick. If the sound of the brick is crisp and loud, it means the brick is of good quality and cooked. If the sound is abnormal, it means there is heavy skin in the brick or Crack phenomenon: When the brick is formed, the air in the material is not discharged, resulting in poor bonding between the material and the material, and internal cracking. It is not visible from the surface, and can only be identified by listening to the sound.

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