Solid wood flooring no longer sings "squeaky" song paving skills

When decorating, we will always encounter a variety of big things, such as the toilet kitchen should not be paved with wooden floors, paved flooring, there may always be 1-2 pieces of mismatch or wrong color, floor paving After that, a certain position is always creaking. Today we will take a look at how to solve the problem of a certain position after the floor is paved.

First of all, if you want to know what caused it, you must first see how the sound is emitted. If a place slams on one foot and then slams again and again, it must be that there is no fixed between the wooden dragon and the ground raft, or the raft is too soft and not too hard to be pulled up by the dragon. To. If there is a place to step on, sometimes there will be sound, sometimes not. This situation is mostly caused by the floor nails being smaller than the drill hole of the solid wood floor. The loose space between the male and female grooves on the floor is also related to the quality of the floor itself.

1. Before installing the ground dragon, it is generally used to punch holes with 12mm electric hammer drills. Then the wooden rafts should be at least 18-20mm square wooden rafts. It is not very easy to cut the holes. After a few days, the rafts are dry and shrink. Enough;

2. The solid raft material is harder than the earthen material, and the hard shrinkage force of the wood is small. The earth dragon is not easy to pull the raft to keep it firm;

3. Some rooms have a ground level difference of several centimeters. At this time, the carpenter will pad some knife-shaped cork or three-ply board under the ground dragon to ensure the level of the dragon. Don’t forget the height of 2.5 cm. Between the above ground dragons, it is necessary to tie the short-terrain dragons to each other to prevent the ground dragon from swinging and swinging to ensure that the ground dragon is flat and firm;

4. When installing solid wood floor drilling, the hole diameter must be smaller than the floor nail, so that the floor only eats nails;

5. A floor shrinkage joint of more than 1 cm is reserved around the wall to avoid climate change or the moisture content of the floor does not conform to the expansion and arching, which is known to most people.

There are few ways to deal with the sound of the floor. Even after the treatment, the situation is slightly relieved, and it cannot be completely cured. One way to completely eradicate this problem is to retighten the ground dragon and reload the floor, but it is a laborious and costly headache. No one wants to rework and reload. Only before the installation of the ground dragon and the floor, as long as the installation master pays attention to some techniques and methods, it can prevent problems before they occur, and the floor will not make a sound.

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