Comprehensive analysis of home decoration Feng Shui

Home Furnishing Feng Shui is like a complicated and huge machine. It can be controlled by interlocking and constantly changing. Some of the materials collected today are based on a simple and practical perspective, to give you an introduction to Feng Shui.

Room Feng Shui: room orientation

A good room feng shui is nothing more than having a spacious, airy, sunny room, and the room orientation plays a decisive role for this. Generally, the northern hemisphere houses are facing south, which can make the sunshine time the longest and the room air light is the best.

Room Feng Shui: House configuration

House configuration: door

The gate is the total import and export of a house, and the door of each room is also a small entrance and exit. The door is suffocating, and the importance is self-evident. All good and bad are determined by it. The shape of the door should not be skewed and the height is different. The stairs should not be straight to the door, and the door should coordinate with the room.

House configuration: stove

The stove is an important financial position for the family. When you enter the gate, you can't see the stove at a glance, otherwise the fortune can't be hidden. The stove can't be opposite to the toilet, and it is easy to get sick. The stove symbolizes the fire. If it is in a straight line with the sink, it will be a taboo for water and fire, which will lead to family misfortune.

House configuration: master bedroom

The master bedroom is where the owner rests and sleeps, affecting the health of the owner, career, emotional aspects, and relationship between husband and wife. The main bedroom door should be avoided to face the other doors, and excessive air circulation will reduce the comfort of the master bedroom. More attention should be paid to the bed. There is no contraindication to the mirror, the door can not be relied on, and the beam cannot be pressed.

House configuration: decorations

A good home feng shui, there are always some unavoidable shortcomings, but the feng shui masters will not let their existence harm the owner, but will set up some feng shui decorations in a certain position to dispel. Common feng shui decorations include Feng Shui fish, Feng Shui plants, scorpion, Guanyin, Buddha, tiger, jade and so on.

The layout of the room is more complicated. How to meet the favorite decoration effect at the same time, while sitting in the room feng shui of a prosperous house, it is necessary to coordinate each part of the whole house, which is also a test of the design level.

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