Feng Shui pattern of study design study

The study Feng Shui is a very mysterious home common sense. The Feng Shui arrangement of the study can reflect the personality and connotation of the owner. In fact, it is very knowledgeable. The walls and ceilings of the study should be elegant, bright and soft, such as light blue, light beige, and light green. The floor should be made of wood floor or carpet, and the material of the wall should be made of materials such as wallpaper and board to obtain the quiet effect of the study.

The following is a collection of 12 feng shui collections compiled by Xiaobian. Please stay onlookers.

1, the bookcase can not be too high pressure bed - the main body is weak

2, the bookcase can not oppress the desk - the main heart is uncertain, tired and dizzy.

3, the desk can not be pressed under the beam - the main heart is scattered.

4, the study room lighting can not be too strong - the main easy fatigue.

5, the study of electrical appliances can not be too much - the main headache, the mind is not specialized.

6, the study wall can not be confused with idols - the main mental disorder, nightmare, suspicion.

7. The bookcase is placed against the wall, which means that there is a dependency.

8, the desk is best to face the direction of the door, meaning to open the door to smell the book, open book is beneficial.

9, the chair is best wood, symbolizing the strength of the article.

10, put a pot of Wannian symbolizes the ability to live forever.

11, any room is rather small and elegant, avoid big and no. Some homes are more spacious, and the study room is set up very large. In fact, reading or writing in such a study is difficult to concentrate, because gathering gas is one of the basic principles in Feng Shui. In such a large study, it is really It is difficult to achieve gas gathering, it is inevitable that the spirit will be dispersed, and if you are the boss or manager, planning in such a large study room will greatly hinder the development of the cause, and must not be careless.

12, the desk in the study, must choose the best position, so that sitting and reading, and facing our most favorable direction, because of this orientation, the natural magnetic field and our individual magnetic induction can match, so we sit Reading, it is not easy to feel fatigue, and emotion and spirit have an invisible motivational induction, and improve the efficiency of reading and memory comprehension.

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