Children's room feng shui has a mystery, don't make taboos

The color inside the children's room also has a very important influence on the child's mentality. It is recommended that the color of the children's room should be light and elegant. It should not be too glaring red and purple, avoid irritating children, avoid black and pure white, and use light blue. It is better to embellish some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors to achieve a harmonious effect.

Children's rooms usually have hanging pictures. The pictures have a great influence on the growth of children. It is recommended that the pictures on the walls should be based on natural positive content. It is not appropriate to hang the armored warriors, the makeup pictures of the makeup, and not to hang the gods. Because it is easy for children to be stunned when they are young, their personality tends to become too precocious, which is not conducive to their natural growth.

The children's room is an independent small world in childhood. Its important function is to be able to freely learn, play and sleep in the children's small world. When parents choose and decorate the room for their children, they must fully consider the children's room in the Feng Shui layout. Unique features, good study Feng Shui arrangement is conducive to children to concentrate on learning, to achieve good results, if you have committed the study room decoration Feng Shui taboo, it is likely to bring bad luck to children.

1, children's room Feng Shui set: in the children's room, be careful not to wear the wind;

2, children's room feng shui setting: decoration should not be too complicated, furniture should be small;

3, children's room feng shui setting: the floor of the children's room should be paved with natural wood flooring, it is best not to lay stone floor and carpet.

Feng Shui believes that the northwest orientation of the house symbolizes authority and is heavy. It is the position of the head of the family and should be reserved for adults to do bedroom. If the child is sleeping here for a long time, although it can make him develop in some aspects, it will make the child become precocious and lose the inherent purity of the child, which is not conducive to his study and growth.

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