Self-priming pump operation precautions Shanghai and Shanghai all pump

Self-priming pump is a commonly used pump, but in operation, there are several aspects that require your attention: (1) before use, should check the direction of rotation of the Department is correct, (2) unscrew the top of the pump Add liquid plug, fill the reservoir, and then tighten the plug. After the boot does not need to add liquid storage. Should not start pumping pump running fluid in case of insufficient capacity, or the pump does not work, see easy to damage the mechanical seal. (3) Turn on the machine, you should open the outlet flow control valve, so that In the white process towel exhaust gas emissions. After start-up, adjust the flow control valve outlet opening, so that the pressure gauge readings point to the specified area (a variety of mining music control range table), to avoid the pump in the lower limit of the prescribed area of ​​?? downtown work, to prevent reading Shaft power is too large and cause motor overload burnout or due to excessive flow of the pump industry cavitation, affecting the normal operation of the pump, the pump strong vibration and noise. (4) During operation, check the temperature rise of the pump and the motor frequently. If noise and other abnormal sounds are found, it should be shut down and checked before troubleshooting. (5) Shutdown, you should close the outlet flow control valve, and then stop, so as to avoid the role of siphon caused by lack of liquid storage in the pump. (6) Regular refueling, maintenance, such as the long-term stop using the pump should be disassembled clean oil, properly preserved.

Door and Window Accessories are used as architraves for the doors. It exudes a classic elegance to the doors. Door And Window Accessories provide flexibility to mix and match to your desired preferances

You can transform a new door with DSM decor Door and Window Frame, Aluminium Window Frames,Steel Window Frames,Wooden Door Frames, Door Panels, Pu Pediments, Pilaster Base,Pilaster Bottom,Pilaster Cap. The architrave gives the door a stately look.

Door frames are usually discrete ornaments but they act much like picture frames to surround a view. various design and size are available.


1. PU (Polyurethane) material is Eco-friendly materials

2. Lasts longer than MDF or wood mouldings.  

3. Designed for interior and exterior use.

4. Easy to install and will not crack, crumble, or warp.

5. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short, can be planned, sawed, nailed, and  glued  by yourself. 80% cost save than using wood and concrete.    

6. Fire-proof: Reach the standard of no combustion.

7. Water-proof: No moisture absorbing, water permeation, and mildew arising.

8. Anti-erosion: Resist acid and alkali.

9. Light weight: good resiliene and tenacity, light and hard.  

10. Styles and Colorful: Different Colors and Types are available.

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Door and Window Accessories

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