Kitchen decoration feng shui

The beauty and cleanliness of the kitchen is what every housewife wants, so from the perspective of Feng Shui knowledge, the kitchen decoration has something to pay attention to.

Kitchen decoration Feng Shui knowledge

Feng Shui knowledge 1, the kitchen should not be completely enclosed in the house:

At least one side of the kitchen should be facing the open space (such as a balcony, patio, backyard, etc.), should not be closed, or in the middle of the house.

This kind of situation is often caused by the fact that after the house is built, the kitchen is built behind the house. After the cover is added, it becomes the middle section of the house, which not only hinders hygiene, but also affects the family.

This may be due to the fact that the kitchen is located in the north, or in the northeast and southwest orientation of the ghost gate (from the center of the new house).

Feng Shui knowledge 2, the kitchen can not be located between the bedrooms:

The kitchen must not be placed between the two bedrooms. It is not good for people in the bedroom on either side of the house.

Feng Shui knowledge 3, avoid washing clothes in the kitchen:

Some people put the washing machine in the kitchen, which is not good.

Because the ancients regarded the kitchen as the place where the stove was located, it was very sacred, cleaning the unclean clothes in between, affecting luck.

Feng Shui knowledge 4, the fire in the home makes the family fall:

The kitchen can't be covered in front of the house, and the fire is not allowed to go out, otherwise the house will fall.

Feng Shui knowledge 5, the transformation of poor kitchen orientation:

After moving into a newly built house, if the hostess suddenly becomes ill, or if she is angry with sesame, has a hysterical tendency, or falls into a mental state of discomfort, it is not caused by physical or mental fatigue.  

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