Screw-type refrigeration compressor working principle

As a kind of rotary refrigeration compressor, a screw refrigeration compressor has both piston type and power type characteristics. Many people do not know the working principle of the screw-type refrigeration compressor . The following small series briefly introduces the working principle of the screw-type refrigeration compressor and preparation before installation.

· Preparation of the unit before installation

Pre-installation preparation relates to whether or not the installation project can be completed in a comprehensive and high-quality manner, and runs through the entire installation process.

In the computer room, the equipment will be prepared for positioning, understanding the characteristics of the installation project, the overall progress requirements of the project, the delivery time of the equipment foundation, the arrival and arrival of equipment materials, on-site installation conditions, technical complexity, and manpower. The deployment of equipment, etc., and based on this set out a feasible construction program.

Handling—The unit should be stored in the warehouse after the equipment arrives at the site. If there is no storage, the unit should be at the bottom of the unit.

Properly raised to prevent flooding. Equipment must be covered with rain on the wooden box so as to avoid rain damage to the unit. When the rig is hoisted, the rig must be erected in strict accordance with the hoisting diagram provided by the factory.

Before installation, the route of the unit handling and hoisting must be considered. In the engine room to reserve an appropriate transport port, if the unit is small, can be directly into the room through the door frame, if the unit is large in size, can be moved after the equipment to make up. If the engine room has been built and does not want to be damaged, and the whole machine into the machine room has certain difficulties, some units can be handled separately. The condenser and evaporator are generally moved separately to the machine room and then assembled.

·The working principle of screw refrigeration compressor

Bearings and spokes: Both the female and male screws of screw-type refrigeration compressors are supported by plain bearings (main bearings) and centripetal thrust ball bearings. The main bearing pins are correctly installed and fixed in the suction and exhaust end seats. The thrust bearings are equipped with two on the exhaust side of the positive and female screws to withstand a certain shaft internal force. Screw seal compressor shaft seals also use friction ring mechanical seal, installed in the active rotor by the coupling - the end of the shaft, its structure and principle with the piston refrigeration compressor shaft seal the same.

Balanced piston: Due to the structural difference, due to the pressure difference between the suction and exhaust sides, the axial force acting on the male screw is much greater than the axial force acting on the female screw. Therefore, in addition to installing the thrust bearing on the male screw, an oil pressure balance piston is added to reduce the load on the end face of the sliding bearing by the positive screw and reduce the axial force that the thrust bearing bears.

Energy adjustment device: It consists of slide valve, oil cylinder, oil piston, four-way electromagnetic reversing valve and oil pipeline. The piston is installed at the intersection of two circles at the lower part of the cylinder wall, and the position of the slide valve can be changed to adjust the cooling capacity.

When the screw-type refrigerating compressor is in operation, the volume of the elementary space between the teeth changes periodically, so that the process of suction, compression and exhaust is completed during the movement of the gas along the axial direction of the rotor.

The relevant information about the screw-type refrigeration compressor was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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