Deep analysis: five "scams" of solid wood flooring

There are many kinds of solid wood flooring in the vast market, and there are many kinds of wood, which makes you pick up. At the time of decoration, we don't have a lot of energy, and we don't have the professional knowledge to distinguish the quality of solid wood flooring. Many manufacturers and dealers often have the opportunity to deceive consumers, but we don't have to panic. Xiaobian teaches you how to distinguish solid wood. Five scams on the floor.

1, solid wood flooring raw materials shoddy

During the inspection, it is necessary to prevent the b-grade and c-grade plates of the solid wood flooring raw materials from being mixed into the a-grade material for sale. In the same wood species, the price difference between the a-grade material and the b-grade material per square meter is several tens of yuan. If a 10% b-grade material is added to the a-grade material, the unit price can be reduced by 10 yuan to 20 yuan. This is the most common trick used by many unscrupulous merchants.

2, brush paint cover problem material

The main methods of unscrupulous merchants are: (1), the surface layer is colored with a top coat, the bottom surface is covered with aluminum film to cover the insect eyes, decay, cracking, etc., and the name is “preservative and moisture proof”; (2) the top layer is coated with a color coat. The bottom surface is covered with a putty primer to cover the insect eyes, decay, cracking and the like. Let consumers not see the true texture of the wood, cover the defects of the cover surface, to achieve the purpose of sub-filling; these two practices are not only harmful to health, but also the solidification of the solid wood floor after 1-2 years of installation.

3, air interface guarantee after-sales service

Many merchants boast about 5 or even 10 years before buying, and they don't care if they buy it, or shirk their responsibilities, or cut corners on installation. In fact, the national quality assurance standard is one year, and the brand that can achieve the 2-year warranty is quite good, not to mention that in 5 years and 10 years, these commitments are nothing but confusing and difficult to honor. Therefore, when buying solid wood flooring, you must find a relatively reputable dealer, and do a long-term dealer in the market, and buy a slightly better brand, some floor tiles are replaced by three different brands, you must pay attention.

4, solid wood flooring specifications have different access

Solid wood floor thickness. For example, the board with a thickness of 17mm is sold as 18mm. It is generally difficult for consumers to notice the details when purchasing. The price of 1mm may reach 5 yuan -10 yuan / square meter or even higher.

5, the name of the solid wood floor to play tricks

Some dealers in the market will spoof you with a good name, which is difficult to compare with the common name of the commodity, such as: rich wood, ivory wood, gold wood, Brazilian red sandalwood, etc., consumers can easily put these nice The name is associated with a valuable tree species. But in fact, these are just ordinary materials, such as "Brazilian red sandalwood" but ordinary "Zi Jingmu." The loss of every square meter of solid wood flooring for buying the wrong wood can be as high as tens or even hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, when buying wooden flooring, you must pay attention to the above five common scams. Xiaobian's suggestion is that the budget is sufficient, and it will be purchased by well-known brand manufacturers in the formal building materials market. If the budget is limited, you can choose it online, remember the brand and model, and buy it on the building materials e-commerce platform such as Zhuniu and HC. It is still very cost-effective to buy both the favorite products and the ex-factory price.

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