New wet mixing granulator responds to environmental trends

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The wet mixing granulator uses dry granulation to directly form the powder into a granular product that meets the user's requirements. It does not require any additives and intermediates. After granulation, the particle size is uniform, the bulk density is high, the fluidity is good, and it is difficult to form a layer. The waste of the powder prevents environmental pollution, facilitates storage and transportation, and controls the solubility porosity and specific surface area.

The wet mixing granulator adopts horizontal twin-screw feeding to the pressure roller, which can adjust the feeding amount very easily, improve the uniformity of feeding to the roll, increase the friction between the material and the roll, special roll structure, water cooling There is no water leakage, and the rolls are evenly cooled, and the powder is not easily adhered to the rolls. The dry granulator vacuum degassing device greatly improves the output of the rolling mill by removing the air contained in the material, and the efficiency can be increased by 2-4 times. The whole-grain mechanism can be moved on the trolley, and the granules with a certain angle can be granulated, and the granulation can be carried out very easily; and the screen is easy to change, and the machine cavity is less heated. The dry granulator is fully enclosed and can be fully automated without dust. Feeding, rolling, and granules are easy and convenient to disassemble and clean, and meet GMP requirements.

The wet mixing granulator is suitable for pharmaceuticals, chemical products, auxiliaries, foods, cosmetics, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, various active pharmaceutical raw materials and processing of one or more excipients are widely involved. Most of the particles have different sizes, uneven density, poor fluidity and easy drying, so they must be granulated to compress and fill the capsules. The advantage of dry granulation is the low cost of use, granulation of drugs that are unstable to moist heat conditions. The dry granulator consists of a feeding mechanism, a tableting mechanism, a hydraulic mechanism, a frame, and electrical control.

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