Mao Daqing: Entrepreneurship is a marathon

More than a month ago, Van Daqing’s vice president Mao Daqing’s title quietly added a “original” character: 46-year-old, he decided to leave Vanke’s business. After only a month or so, Mao Daqing became the founder of Youke Factory. The person, the chairman, and the promoter of the woolen group charity run group. Today, he appeared in a new book conference jointly held with "Uncle Baima" Tian Tongsheng. This time, he is the translator of the classic marathon book.

Highlighting the label of his "running" is Mao Daqing's "need to carry around, can't talk about madness and not madness", and from his understanding of the marathon, it is not difficult to find the motivation for his decision to re-adventure, "I am a man of this age." I need to complete a revolution or war on myself, so that I can feel that I am still energetic." This sentiment was in the eyes of Vanke’s president Yu Liang, but it became the humor when I first said goodbye. "My most regrettable is that I have taught Daqing. Running the marathon, he really "running".

Mao Daqing started running in 2012. In addition to Yu Liang, customer relationship expert Tian Tongsheng is also his “Enlightenment Coach”. Both of them have twice visited the Boston Marathon “pilgrimage” and embarked on a starting point deep in the village. The track that recorded the history of the American Revolutionary War was also shocked by the enthusiasm of millions of viewers who "smashed three floors" along the way.

"Marathon is not only a sport, but also a kind of faith." With such sentiment, Mao Daqing has driven more people to become a member of the running army. "I have developed one or two hundred people."

But Mao Daqing is not satisfied but only drives others to run. "I want to go through running and look for something new." He joined 34 professional marathon real estate and financial professional managers to form a social welfare run. The group "wool group" and "wool group" became the first card that he "lighted out" after he left Vanke. This "supported by a group of entrepreneurs, an Internet platform, a foundation, and possibly some companies involved in crowdfunding in the future, with Internet thinking mode and sportsmanship," will support public welfare through mileage conversion and other means. The APP used by the running group came from two young entrepreneurs. Mao Daqing took the initiative to talk about the purpose of turning to entrepreneurship. "I hope to support some young entrepreneurs."

"The rise of mass sports will bring many possibilities and business opportunities in the sports industry. In addition, in the era of the Internet, there will be more entrepreneurial opportunities in this field. In the case of marathons, there are many types of services that can be developed."

However, the "innocence" of the domestic sports industry is also obvious. According to Deng Hui, secretary general of the "Yomen Group": "As far as the marathon is concerned, the domestic running market is still immature. The data shows that there are only 50,000 Chinese marathons running all the year round. People, and the United States is 500,000 people." So, "we did not get the ports and resources of the industrial chain through the marathon, but chose to do public welfare."

Regarding whether he will get involved in the sports industry in the future, Mao Daqing gave a positive answer: "Of course, it is possible that sports are becoming more and more market-oriented. Therefore, there must be great business opportunities for the crowd-based movement in which the large base population participates. There are too many opportunities here. Things are worth studying.” Mao Daqing wondered why running was more and more accepted. From the two and a half years since he met Tian Tongsheng, “the marathon boom has risen on the ground”, and the recent popular entrepreneurial tide is also related to the marathon. Similar momentum.

“In the late 1970s, the United States also experienced a wave of running. In the next two or three years, there was a big wave of technological innovation.” Mao Daqing regarded this “coincidence” as the result of changes in social thoughts. The society began to materialize, pay attention to the spirit, and more and more people respect the heart. The running tide and the entrepreneurial tide have mutual stimulation. "The idea of ​​Mao Daqing's entrepreneurship may be shaped in the replacement of the footsteps. "Running the marathon, It doesn't matter with other people. It is only related to oneself. These 40 kilometers are rare blanks and space for thinking in life. They only communicate with their own hearts. Entrepreneurship is to listen to the inner call." Therefore, run this self and yourself. The contest, he is equated with the entrepreneurial mentality, "the real people who run, know how slow can run far, restraint and choice is also the marathon's enlightenment to entrepreneurship."

Earlier, some media people asked Mao Daqing whether he was afraid of entrepreneurial failure. Mao Daqing suddenly remembered Tian Tongsheng. "He is the teacher of my marathon and the teacher of my business." Tian Tongsheng, 62, has been in business for a lifetime and recently started running social. APP, "How many times the old man has failed is still starting a business, he can play APP, I can also have Internet thinking." So, Mao Daqing sees entrepreneurship as a marathon, "every run is a wonderful time. The process, once I run, I yearn for the next time, I think, the same is true for entrepreneurship."

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