How to choose pesticide dosage form

The difference in the presence of pesticides. Therefore, in the selection, we must first consider the control object of the crop, the equipment to be applied and the conditions of use. At present, most of the pesticide formulations in China are suitable for spray, in which emulsifiable concentrates and wettable powders are mainly used, and one is a suspending agent. The main differences between the three dosage forms are as follows:
First, the efficacy of the pesticide's emulsifiable concentrate is significantly higher than that of the suspending agent and the wettable powder. The active ingredient of the same pesticide is preferably emulsifiable. The fungicide for foliar spray, generally in the form of oil as a medium, is not beneficial to the bactericidal action, so a suspending agent or a wettable powder should be selected. The herbicide for foliar spraying has a waxy layer on the surface of the weed leaves, and the emulsion containing the organic solvent, the concentrated emulsion, the suspending agent and the like can be selected. Herbicides, granules and other dosage forms that can be used in the preparation of toxic soils are used more frequently in paddy fields or soils.
Secondly, as an alternative formulation for emulsifiable concentrate, the efficacy of the suspending agent is second to that of the emulsifiable concentrate, but it is significantly higher than that of the WP, and the various auxiliaries thereof are beneficial for the adhesion of the granules to the surface of the living body, thereby improving the efficacy. . Compared with emulsifiable concentrates, thick emulsions and microemulsions do not use or use less organic solvents. They are safer to use and have better efficacy. However, the manufacturing cost is slightly higher and the price is slightly higher.
Third, from the safety considerations of the application personnel, spraying in hot weather, oil-based emulsion is easy to cause poisoning, it is best to use similar water-based dosage forms, such as wettable powder, suspoemulsion, soluble powder , water-dispersible granules, and the like.
Fourth, there is currently the same dosage form of the same active ingredient pesticide in China, but there are many different levels of preparations. When purchasing, you should choose a high-content preparation, which can be used to reduce the cost of use.

Huaxian County Agricultural Products Inspection and Testing Center Chang Bili
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