Greenleaf Corporation introduces more efficient ceramic tools

The ExceleratorTM milling cutter from Greenleaf Corporation is a combination of indexable ceramic inserts and small diameter milling cutters that Premium Building Materials can use to continuously process steel and reduce cycle time by 88. %.
The use of this tool also allowed the company to cancel the two-shift work system at the Okuma Howa machining center.

The era of change
According to the company's director, Dan Sheipline, the use of standard carbide carbide tools to process ordinary steel and special stainless steel is unsatisfactory. He faced the problem of excessive tool wear, which caused the processing technology and production costs to be in trouble.

The parts produced by Premium Building Materials Company must meet the tolerance range of ±0.02", so the processing is more complicated. Mr. Sheipline explained: "The surface quality of our finished products is the most important, and it needs to reach the level of the mirror. No flaws are allowed. Compared with carbide carbide tools, the parts must be hand-polished after processing, regardless of the situation, because the tool processing provided by Greenleaf always leaves traces of tool processing on the surface of the parts, which requires manual processing. polishing. It is impossible to use the tool to complete all machining operations at one time without replacement. ”

After consulting with several tool manufacturers, Greenleaf's tools left a deep impression on Mr. Sheipline. He recalled: "In the beginning, when I contacted other tool suppliers, most of the manufacturers were very eager to visit us to demonstrate the tools they thought were effective, but after several trial cuts, they found them. The machining parameters of the tool are not what I expected. I am not criticizing other tool manufacturers here, but their cutting results are unacceptable to me. As for Greenleaf, they brought the tool samples and asked me what I needed. The cutting parameters. So we reached a cooperation, they calculated according to the results, and then informed me."

Save time and money
When Premium Building Materials began using Excelerator tools, the company quickly realized that it could save a lot of time and money (see table). Mr. Sheipline said: "With this tool we can process 3 to 4 parts continuously and then rotate to another insert. Previously, we had to change the tool twice to machine a part."

To this end, Premium Building Materials has purchased a new machine tool, the MCV-OP machining center of Leadwell (Plano, TX), with a speed of up to 6 000r/min (the company's original machine speed is 4 000r/min) This means that the processing speed can be further improved.

Mr. Sheipline said: "This machine can take advantage of the advantages of Excelerator tools."

The EI-Max tool from Greenleaf can cut stainless steel at 4000r/min with a feed rate of 70r/min and a depth of cut of 0.04mm.

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