Xiuwu Superhard Materials Industrial Park Investment Promotion Announcement

Brief Introduction of County Situation and Industry Status of Xiuwu County, Henan Province

I. Introduction to the county

Xiuwu County is located in the northwest of Henan Province, Beichuan Nanchuan, and the mountains and rivers, with a total area of ​​678 square kilometers and a population of 305,000. It is a national excellent tourist county, the country's most beautiful small town, China's longevity town, national garden county, and national ecological civilization. Education Demonstration Base, National Ecological Construction Demonstration Zone, National Health County, National Greening Model County, National Science and Technology Progress County, National Science Popularization Demonstration County, National Grain Production Advanced County, National Endowment Service Socialization Demonstration Unit, National Disabled Community Rehabilitation Demonstration County The country is safe and smooth, and the county is the safest county in the country and the most valuable county in the Central Plains. Xiuwu County has a long history and a rich collection of humanities. Xiuwu is a thousand-year-old county. In the Shang Dynasty, it was called "Ningsong". In 1046 BC, Zhou Wuwang was in the rain on the way to the river, where he was stationed in the martial arts, named "Xuwu"; 36 counties established in the Qin Dynasty In the county, Xiuwu is one of them; Xiuwu is also the place of worship of Confucius, the founder of Confucian culture, the land of the emperor Han Xiandi, the last residence of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the reclusive place of the bamboo sage of the Chinese landscape garden culture, the Tang Dynasty The medical doctor Wang Sunsi’s place of practice and the birthplace of Han Dynasty’s Han Yu’s birthplace have nurtured the development of Han Yu Confucian culture, the Buddhist culture of Yuanrong Temple, the Taoist culture of Haitang Palace, the leisure culture of the seven sages of Zhulin, and the culture of Dangyang’s twisted porcelain.

Second, location advantage

Xiuwu County is located in the center of Zhengzhou, Xinxiang and Jiaozuo. It is located in the half-hour economic circle of the Central Plains urban agglomeration. The location advantage is outstanding and the traffic conditions are convenient. Three highways within the territory: Ji (source) East (Ming) Expressway, Jiao (for) Zheng (State) Expressway and the upcoming Zheng (State) Cloud (Taishan) Expressway, respectively connected to Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Lianhuo Expressway, II National highways such as Guangzhou Expressway. Three railways: the new (township) month (mountain) railway, the Zheng (state) Jiao (for) intercity railway under construction, the new (township) month (mountain) second line, and the Jiao (made) new (township) railway repair Wuzha, Xin (township) month (mountain) second line Xiuwu station two railway freight stations.

Third, the status quo of industrial leading industries

(1) Automobile and parts manufacturing industry

First, the local industrial base advantage. The automobile industry of our county has a certain industrial base, and has formed some enterprises and products with strong market competitiveness in large and medium-sized passenger cars, special vehicles, new energy vehicles and parts. The Henan Longrui New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. under construction with an annual output of 150,000 electric vehicles will attract relevant supporting enterprises to invest and set up factories in our county, which will greatly promote the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of our county in the future. The Chery Automobile Engine Production Base in the region is divided into three sections: engine and related products. Among them, the engine segment has been completed and put into production. The second is the factor cost advantage. Our county is rich in labor, energy and raw materials, and its production cost is relatively low, which has great comparative advantages.

(2) Mechanical processing industry

The mechanical processing industry is a traditional industry in Xiuwu County. After years of development, it has cultivated 26 large-scale mechanical processing enterprises such as Zhongxuan, Mine, Weiwei and Longchang. The products cover mining machinery, environmental protection machinery, grain machinery, Feed machinery and other series of products. The construction of machinery processing enterprises in Xiuwu County has obvious advantages.

(3) Three-product service industry

The Yuntaishan Scenic Spot has created an eye-catching “PTZ phenomenon” through strong market promotion and construction of scenic hardware facilities. In 2004, it was selected by UNESCO as the world's first global geological park. It is also a national-level scenic spot, a national civilized scenic tourist area, the country's first batch of 5A-level tourist attractions, national natural heritage, national forest park, and national-level macaque nature protection. The district, the national water conservancy scenic spot, and the national cultural industry demonstration base have won many honors such as the world's outstanding tourism service brand, and have become sister parks with the Grand Canyon National Park. In 2012, Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area received a total of 5.582 million tourists, with a ticket income of 450 million yuan and a comprehensive income of 2.3 billion yuan.

At present, Xiuwu County is working to lengthen the tourism industry chain and promote the transformation of tourism from sightseeing to leisure and vacation, from ticket economy to industrial economy. Focusing on the projects of Beijing World Trade Tianjie Group and Henan Jianye Group, each investing 5 billion yuan, we will strive to build a national tourism service base, a national-level tourist resort, a Zhongyuan urban agglomeration enterprise leisure headquarters base, and a tourism industry innovation base in the central region.

(4) Aluminum industry

Rich in coal resources, there are 4 large and medium-sized coal mines in the country. The annual output of raw coal is 3 million tons per year. It is also the main throat of Jindongdong and Nanxia. It is only 50 kilometers away from Shanxi Jincheng and has a reliable source of coal. There are 6 rivers with sufficient water resources and a drainage area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers. The main channel of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project passes through. The average annual water resources is 149.37 million cubic meters, of which the groundwater can be extracted is 95.4 million cubic meters. A water-rich area in North China that lacks water.

The power resources are abundant, the power supply network is developed and the layout is reasonable. The total installed capacity of the power is 3.5 million kilowatts, the annual power generation is 30 billion degrees, there are 2 220,000 volt substations, 4 110,000 volt substations, and 2×66,000 kW units of Jiaozuo Power Plant. The environmental protection relocation project is about to start construction in Xiuwu. Alumina, electrolytic aluminum, and aluminum alloy rods have strong production capacity and reliable supply. China National Aluminum Corporation Zhongzhou Branch with an annual output of 2.6 million tons of alumina and Jiaozuo Wanfang Aluminum Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 420,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum have years. Shengyu Aluminum Co., Ltd., which produces 50,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods, Xinwan Aluminum, which produces 20,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods, and Anyu Aluminum, which produces 30,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods per year, and 50,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods per year. Shengsheng Aluminum, Xinli Aluminum, which produces 60,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods, and Xinyue Aluminum, which has an annual output of 100,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods, has an annual output of 300,000 tons of aluminum alloy rods. The abundant alumina, electrolytic aluminum and aluminum alloy rods can fully meet the needs of various aluminum deep processing enterprises.

Our county has reached a cooperation agreement with Zhongzhou Aluminum and Wanfang Aluminum on the supply of raw materials for the processing of aluminum products in Xiuwu, which can minimize the transportation cost of raw materials. At the same time, our county is located in the Central Plains, close to the key aluminum consumer markets such as North China and East China, which can greatly reduce the outward transportation cost of aluminum products.

Fourth, the price of production factors

(1) Energy

Xiuwu is rich in resources and complete in facilities. The National South-to-North Water Transfer Project and the West-East Gas Transmission Project have all passed through the county and established openings. The county's power grid is well-structured and the power supply is sufficient. There are 4 national large and medium-sized coal mines, large-scale national key enterprises producing alumina and electrolytic aluminum, Zhongzhou Aluminum Plant, Wanfang Aluminum Plant, Jiaozuo Dayong, Henan Liuhe and other leading agricultural industrialization enterprises. In the development of aluminum product extension industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, food and agricultural and sideline products processing industry, textile and garment processing industry, auto parts manufacturing industry, and tertiary industry service industry, the advantages are outstanding and the potential is huge.

1. Electricity price

Bulk industry: 10KV is 0.6663 yuan / kWh; 35-110KV is 0.6573 yuan / kWh;

2, water price

Domestic water: 0.90 yuan / ton;

Commercial water: 1.30 yuan / ton;

Industrial water: 1.10 yuan / ton;

Sewage treatment costs: 1 yuan / ton.

3, transportation distance

Xiuwu - Zhengzhou Airport 120 km, Xiuwu - Beijing 650 km, Xiuwu - Lianyungang 600 km, Xiuwu - Tianjin 700 km, Xiuwu - Shanghai 1,100 km, Xiuwu - Guangzhou 1,700 km.

(2) Labor resources

Henan Province is one of the most populous provinces in the country with a population of nearly 100 million and abundant human resources. The total population of Jiaozuo City is 3.28 million, and the total population of Xinxiang City adjacent to it is 5.36 million.

Xiuwu County has abundant labor resources. The total population of the county is 305,000, of which the agricultural population is 230,000, the high school graduation rate is over 93%, and relevant technical training has been received.

Salary: The average monthly salary of ordinary workers is 1000-1500 yuan, the general management personnel are 1200-2000 yuan, the intermediate management personnel are 1500-2500 yuan, and the senior technical management personnel are 2000-3000 yuan. A preferential labor force can reduce production costs for enterprises.

(3) Investment carrier

Xiuwu County Industrial Cluster is a provincial industrial cluster, located in the south of the county. The total planned area of ​​the district is 13.48 square kilometers, which is mainly divided into high-tech zone, food industrial zone, textile and garment zone, equipment manufacturing zone and comprehensive service zone. At present, the road network of eight vertical and six horizontal has been formed, and the infrastructures such as water supply, gas supply and standardized factory buildings are complete. Among the 180 industrial clusters in the province, it ranks second among the most satisfied industrial clusters in the province. The province's first largest investment in legal environment industrial clusters.

V. Preferential policies

(1) Land use

In principle, the investment intensity of all types of productive enterprises entering the industrial agglomeration area shall not be less than 2.4 million yuan/mu, and the required land shall be determined according to the fixed assets investment amount of the enterprise, and the land use right shall be obtained.

1. For fixed assets investment of 100 million yuan to 200 million yuan (including 200 million yuan), the land transfer price is higher than 70,000 yuan/mu, which is supported by the county finance;

2. If the fixed assets investment is 200 million yuan - 500 million yuan (including 500 million yuan), the part of the land transfer price higher than 65,000 yuan / mu will be supported by the county finance;

3. If the fixed assets investment is more than 500 million yuan, the part of the land transfer price higher than 60,000 yuan/mu will be supported by the county finance.

(2) Financial support

Enterprises with investment in fixed assets of more than 100 million yuan may enter the industrial agglomeration area, and from the date of production and tax payment, give certain financial support based on the actual corporate income tax county and township retention:

1. For fixed assets investment of 100 million yuan to 200 million yuan (including 200 million yuan), it will be supported for 50 years at a rate of 50%;

2. If the fixed assets investment is 200 million yuan - 500 million yuan (including 500 million yuan), it will be supported for 50 years at a rate of 50%;

3. If the fixed assets investment is more than 500 million yuan, it will be supported by 50% for eight years;

4. Enterprises that have won the title of national high-tech enterprise will be supported by 50% for two years.

5. During the period in which the above-mentioned enterprises enjoy the partial retention of income tax, if the local value-added portion of the value-added tax in the current year reaches 250,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, the enterprise will be rewarded with 10%; if it reaches 500,000 yuan to 1 million yuan, it will be rewarded with 20%. Enterprises; if they reach 1 million yuan to 2 million yuan, they will be rewarded with 30%; if they reach 2 million yuan, they will be rewarded with 40%.

(3) Charging preferential policies

Except for the fees and charges stipulated by the central government, all administrative and institutional expenses will be waived, and the electricity prices of industrial enterprises will be implemented directly.

(4) Special preferential policies

For the world's top 500, the domestic top 500, large-scale investment, high technology content, good growth, and high degree of relevance, the company implements "one thing, one discussion" and "one factory one policy".

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