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New method for SKF imported bearing heating device

Source: Bearing network time: 2013-04-24

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There are two most common ways to replace SKF bearings: one is to directly heat the bearing with acetylene oxygen, the other is to use oil immersion heating for small bearings; to reach thermal expansion; to expand the inner diameter of the bearing; It has been widely used in long-term equipment repair; it is fundamentally satisfactory and has dealt with the bearing device problem in equipment repair. But these two methods can ensure the uniform temperature value of the heated area of ​​the bearing during the heating process; it is difficult to determine Because the traditional acetylene oxygen heating is a single gas burner; and the heating process is only experienced; how much temperature is added to the heated SKF bearing temperature is difficult to grasp. The temperature is too high; the bearing will be annealed; The mechanical properties of the bearing are lowered, the temperature is too low; the thermal expansion value is not good; it is difficult to install. In the equipment repair; the repairer sometimes does not heat the SKF imported bearings; the SKF imported bearings are not installed in the correct orientation; Loading; then increased the labor intensity. To this end; Professor specially proposed a modification to the traditional pair of bearings.
Electric heating instead of acetylene oxygen heating. The planar electric furnace is depicted as a cylindrical electric furnace; it is called SKF imported bearing electric heater; according to different bearing inner diameter can be described as different power and standard bearing electric heater (The best application range is φ300mm/above bearing diameter.) This heating equipment has the following advantages: uniform heat radiation, stable and stable; SKF imported bearings are smoke-free, sanitary and clean; easy to measure and control SKF bearing temperature .
The infrared thermometer is used to monitor the temperature of the imported SKF bearing. The heating value of the bearing device is usually controlled at 100 °C ~ 120 °C. Within this temperature value; the thermal expansion value of the bearing steel is the largest; easy to SKF bearings The device; this temperature value does not change the mechanical properties of the bearing; and the reliability is high.
In summary, SKF imported bearing electric heater is superior to traditional acetylene oxygen heating; it is a useful method to improve the precision and working efficiency of bearing equipment and reduce labor intensity.
One way to improve the precision of SKF imported bearings is to produce a beautiful instrument; the main shaft is used with the 6202/P2 type bearing and its accuracy is still not satisfactory; the rear journal is thickened and the raceway is made on it to replace the inner ring; The ball is finely measured; every three sets of scales; each set of steel balls takes a distance of nearly 120°; because it adds a heavy machining appearance; it adds a cooperating appearance; together with the shaft and SKF bearings The stiffness of the system; and the maximum three particles and the minimum three steel balls are nearly equidistantly spread; the axis reversal accuracy is improved; therefore, the accuracy requirements of the instrument are satisfied.
Accuracy improvement method SKF imported bearings in the host after the end of the device; such as measuring the radial runout of the spindle; can be found that each of the measured values ​​have a certain change, measured in succession; can be found after passing a certain number of revolutions; The change will be approximately repeated. The target for measuring the degree of change is the cycle rotation precision; the change of the number of revolutions required to approximately repeat the presentation represents the "quasi-period" of the cycle rotation accuracy; the magnitude of the magnitude change in the quasi-period is large. ; that is, the cycle rotation accuracy is poor.
For example, the preload is properly applied to the main shaft; the rotational speed is gradually reduced to the near-responsible rotational speed; to achieve the "run-in" effect of the SKF imported bearings; the cycle rotation accuracy of the main shaft can be improved.
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