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Common terms and definitions of bearings (16)

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17. The flanged housing has a radial flange and a seat on the outer surface of the bearing that is straight to the bearing shaft and has a screw hole for its device. Adapter sleeve A sleeve having an axially open cylindrical bore; the outer surface is conical and has a small end with external threads. For bearing devices with tapered bores (with lock nut and lock washer) On a shaft with a cylindrical outer surface. 19. Socket withdrawal sleeve A sleeve having an axial opening with a cylindrical bore; the outer and outer surfaces are conical and have external threads at the large end. For mounting or splitting the bearing with a tapered bore on the shaft of the cylindrical outer surface (with a nut). 20. The lock nut locknut has a cylindrical outer surface and an axial groove; the outer nut of the lock washer and the annular wrench lock the nut. For axial positioning of the rolling bearing. Lock washer lockwasher has a thin steel plate washer with many outer claws. One outer claw is used to lock the nut; one inner claw is inserted into the axial sleeve of the adapter sleeve or shaft. The eccentric locking collar has a grooved steel ring with a pain in the inner hole at one end; the device is in the flat end of the outer spherical bearing with a flat and painful extension. The inner ring is rotated relative to the inner ring to tighten the inner ring; The top wire is fastened to the shaft. Concentric locking collar A steel ring mounted on a wide inner ring of an outer spherical bearing; a top wire is screwed into a hole in the inner ring and touched with the shaft.
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