Solar charging curtains and UFO chandeliers

Solar charging curtains and UFO chandeliers

The wisdom of the designer is always endless, and often leads to creative electronic designs that make people wonder. If these things are not used, you may never be able to guess what it is and what it does. Just like you are now carrying a computer through ancient times.

Solar charging curtains

Solar curtains collect energy through the sun during the day and act as a charging tool during the night. The resources are well utilized, and the solar battery packs are added to the curtains. The solar storage system has a charging interface at the bottom of the curtains to charge electronic products such as mobile phone MP3s, and the curtains are also provided with beautiful patterns. However, it can only be used on windows with high brightness and direct sunlight.

Edit Comment: This product design is unique and seems to be specially prepared for current smartphone users. With the lack of smart phone battery life, with this curtain, every night can be "free" charge. It also saves the use of the jack. It is very suitable for the taste of current young consumers, but the price is probably higher than traditional curtains.

UFO Chandelier

This is a non-traditional design concept chandelier that uses magnetic technology and looks like an UFO suspended in the air. Of course, it can not leave the bottom column, in order to meet the individual needs of people, but also equipped with a variety of colors for your choice, the product name is called UFO Lamp.

Edit Comment: At first glance, it was indeed a surprise. From the chandeliers in the traditional sense, the entire light is vacant. The unique shape gives a unique feeling. Like bizarre friends may wish to try to buy one, perhaps in the process of using, but also to find more wonderful things. Intern reporter Chen Wei

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