Home decoration peak season comes up to 30%

Every gold nine silver and ten, the property market is more concentrated, becoming a good time for the construction industry to "suck gold." The reporter learned from the market that since the beginning of this month, the decoration market in our city has become very popular, and the decoration price of a house has risen by about 30% from last year. Industry insiders suggest that it is best to avoid getting together in the autumn home improvement, and the owners can make early decisions.

In early July, Yang Yue, a citizen of Dadukou, got the new house key. In recent days, she and her boyfriend have been busy for renovations. “We want to finish the renovation in September and October. Many of the decoration materials are ready to buy, and we are waiting to start work,” said Yang.

With the arrival of the property market in September, the decoration market entered the peak season. Yang Hanbin, general manager of Chongqing Weierwei Decoration Design Co., Ltd. introduced that due to the large number of stocks in the past few years, this year's renovation industry is affected by some, but the performance of regular large companies is rising.

“Our company currently only makes renovations for bungalows and villas. Since August, the number of orders received by the company has increased by more than 20%. Since September, the order rate has increased by 50% compared to the previous period,” Yang Hanbin said.

A survey by the reporter found that compared with the same period of last year, the renovation price was not too small. Tiangu decorative person in charge said that the current costs are rising, including sheet metal up to 20%. The labor cost reached about 35%, and the wages of bricklayers and plumbers rose the most. “Because of the rising costs, the current offer for the decoration industry has increased by 25% to 30% compared to the same period last year,” the official told reporters.

For the upcoming renovation season, Yang Hanbin believes that the decoration of the house is subject to measures such as volume rooms, design plans, budgets, ordering of main materials, approach to construction, and procedures such as soft fittings and furniture ordering in the later stages, and some customers must also The decision was made after the goods were purchased. "So if you want to complete the renovation before November and stay before the Spring Festival, it's best for consumers to plan early." Yang Hanbin said.

Tiangu Decoration, a designer, told the reporter that with the arrival of the autumn harvest season at the end of September, there may be a shortage of renovation workers, labor costs may rise further, and people planning to renovate should be late. There are also people in the industry who believe that due to the lack of preparation work for many owners, they say that the decoration will start immediately. However, if you can spend a few days, communicating with the decoration company and the designer in the early stage will make the next-step renovation project smoother.

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