Banking enterprises can achieve brilliant future

Recently, the Huzhou Banking and Enterprise Matchmaking Conference was held in Huzhou on the theme of “innovation, win-win development, and development” hosted by the Huzhou Municipal People’s Government, Huzhou City Economic and Information Commission, and the Huzhou City Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China. The main purpose of the meeting was to actively guide financial companies to connect with enterprises with good needs and good credit, and achieve the goal of common development between banks and enterprises. We will make due contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the local economy. More than 300 representatives of the municipal government, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, and the city’s People’s Bank of China and representatives from outstanding enterprises from various counties and districts attended the meeting. Zhejiang Bailida Wood Industry Co., Ltd., as an outstanding company representative of "China's wood floor capital", Mr. Shen Xinxiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was invited to attend the meeting and signed a credit agreement on behalf of the company and Nanxun Bank. It became the only flooring manufacturer that signed the credit agreement with the financial company on that day. Zhejiang Bailida Wood Co., Ltd. has been known for its steady and healthy development for nine years since its establishment and development. It has been favored and loved by financial companies.

Shen Xinxiang, chairman of Zhejiang Bailida Wood Co., Ltd. said in an interview with the media after signing that the relationship between companies and financial institutions should be understood as a fish-water relationship. Especially in the current situation of monetary tightening, a good relationship between banks and enterprises is particularly important for the development and transformation of the company. Barida Wood has always maintained a good relationship with financial companies. Through years of development, the company has accumulated and possessed the capabilities and internal strengths of new project introduction, capacity expansion and product transformation and upgrading. The help of financial enterprises can help enterprises to promote the company faster, more orderly and healthily to a certain extent. Enterprise Development.

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