Maintenance of the lifting program of the hydraulic lifting platform

Because the working stress of the root is shaken in the shaking motion, the strength is weak, and it is easy to break and break. Therefore, in addition to ensuring sufficient strength, the transition arc should be large enough. The gland of the rocker head in the assembly makes the entire rocker form a complete closed frame structure, which plays an important role in improving the overall strength of the rocker. Ensure that the pin and the bushing in the bushing are well lubricated, reducing the wear of the bush and pin, improving the load bearing property and extending the life of the rocker.

Maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform system

1. All kinds of hydraulic lifting platform machinery should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and fastened before use according to the requirements of the instruction manual to ensure that the machine is put into operation with good technical status.

2. For the maintenance of the power mechanical lubrication system, in addition to the use of lubricating oil according to the specified standards, the lubrication system maintenance cycle and specifications must be strictly observed, the lubrication system should be cleaned regularly, and the filter components should be replaced regularly to reduce the wear of the parts.

3 , the temperature is unstable in the early spring, the change is impermanent, the correct use of the power mechanical cooling system can not be ignored:

( 1 ) To continue to do antifreeze work, if the nighttime temperature is below zero, if no antifreeze is used, the hydraulic lifting platform should discharge the cooling water to avoid freezing the body;

( 2 ) When the machine starts at low temperature, it should be preheated and started;

( 3 ) Pay attention to the normal operating temperature of the engine. When the water temperature reaches 40 °C or above, the load can be operated at an empty load; the load operation can be started above 60 °C ; the normal working temperature should be kept between 80-95 °C to reduce the engine. No need to wear.

4. When the hydraulic lifting platform is working on lifting and lowering, the hydraulic lifting platform must strictly abide by the operating procedures and achieve " five nets " to ensure safe production. The reference to the maintenance method is due to the fact that the actual value of the weight of the slab is far from the design theory. Under the action of different billets, the balance of the lifting system is too light or too heavy, and the braking torque of the upper and lower positions is obtained. Different, the motion is unbalanced, and the dynamic torque is increased, which is easy to cause the weakest part of the connecting rod to break with the connecting screw of the crankshaft. ( http:// )

Methyl Tin Mercaptide stabilizer ProStab - T181

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Methyl Tin Stabilizer is an efficient stabilizer used in PVC hot working process. Its stability, transparency, compatibility and weather resistance are all superior to other organotin heat stabilizers. It is widely used in PVC sheet, panel, tubing and blow molding and injection molding products. It can also be used in food packaging, medicine packaging and non-toxic and harmless PVC products. Overseas, PVC products of various foods, medicine packaging and storage, and container and tubing for supplying drinking water with high requirements have all employed methyl tin as stabilizer. Its products boast pure color and luster, less odor vanishing fast and reliable safety performance. With the same effect, the using amount of methyl tin is reduced by 15-20% than that of other similar organotin stabilizers. Our company`s products have passed the ROHS certification.

Methyl tin mercaptide stabilizer

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