Why is the surface not smooth after the metal spring is plated?

Today, I took back 200 million chrome-plated springs from the electroplating factory. I planned to pack and ship the products after inspection. As a result, I saw how the spring surface is so many spots! Hand touch and tie it! What to do, the problem came out, first find the reason from yourself, take the rough embryo that was not sent to the plating before, check it out, see that there is a lot of slag stuck on the rough embryo, and the hand is the machine is cutting the spring. When the slag sticks to the rough embryo, and we do not clean the rough embryo, it is directly used for electroplating. When plating, the slag is directly covered in the spring. After the spring is plated, the surface is not smooth.
'Why is the surface of the hardware spring not smooth after plating?

Rubber Elastomeric Pad
Description of Pad 
Name:rubber bridge bearing
Material: multilayer natural rubber
Featurer: enough vertical stiffness to support vertical load
               could deliver the pressure of superstructure to abutment

Elastoplast bridge bearing pad

We can produce all kinds of rubber pad:
1. Rubber pad for car lift .
2.Anti slip rubber pad
3.Anti vibration rubber pad
Widely used in industry,agriculture,including building,automotive sealing profiles, sealing or decorating of windows, doors, curtain walls, containers,cars etc,avoiding dust,water or air to leak inside the cabin,as it's Excellent chemical and physical property, oil resistance, high temperature stability, etc.

Rubber Buffer Spring

Rubber Block Board Series

Rubber Block Board,Anti-Vibration Rubber Pad,Vibration Isolating Rubber Pads,Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad

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