Inspection rules for protecting toe labor insurance shoes

Inspection rules for protecting toe labor insurance shoes

1, factory inspection

The quality inspection department of the manufacturer shall carry out the sampling plan according to the normal inspection as stipulated in GB2828. The inspection of the finished shoes shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations, and the inspection of the inner heads shall be carried out in accordance The labor insurance shoes are produced in batches of 200-500 pairs produced by the same batch. The inner Baotou is paid in batches of 1000-3000 in the same batch of sound field, and is randomly selected according to the provisions of "sample size code" in GB2828.

2, type inspection

Type inspection should be carried out when one of the following factors is involved:

a. When the company declares a new product;

b. When the product structure, materials and processes have changed greatly and may affect the performance of the product;

c. When the product is discontinued for more than half a year to resume production;

d. When the national product quality supervision proposes a type inspection after the season;

e. After normal production, it is periodically checked every year.

The type inspection shall be carried out by the quality supervision and inspection department of labor insurance products formulated by the state in accordance with the sampling plan specified in GB2829. Random sampling from qualified batches of shoes. Sample size, test items, discriminant level, unqualified classification, unqualified quality level (RQL) and decision array.

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